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Your Armed Forces

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Your Armed Forces

Thank you for having a look at this series about “Your Armed Forces”.

No matter which country you are from, this is to offer a greater understanding of what is involved within your countries service personnel existence, trials and tribulations.

This is for those of you that might be currently in the forces, a retired service person, a veteran, or, as a member of the public wishing or thinking about signing-up.

Over the series we will look into, living in the forces these days, the current and some of the history how we have arrived at the modern structures that exist today.

We will also, look at some of the health problems that have and are currently involving some of the service members, whether current or ex-members. Some of these, can be or are quite devastating towards the person concerned.

With these problems, what is needed is to show them love, understanding, time, patience and gratitude for what they have had to go through.


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Military EvolutionUnderstanding how our Forces have evolved through the ages to where they stand today with the modern arms that are used in combat in our current environment. Also, how to get your mind around living the life within the services of our modern era, with the following.

Military Evolution

Marching Down The Ages-The Development Of The Modern Military

Acing the Military Way _ What it Takes to be in the Armed Forces

Refreshing the Military _ Military Fashion

Understanding Military Jargon _ Living The Military Life

Young Military Blood _ Military Brat.

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The following pages cover further information about “Your Armed Forces” >>


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  1. British Armed Forces History
  • History of the Royal Navy
  • Timeline of the British Army
  • History of the Royal Marines
  • History of the Royal Air Force

British Armed Forces History


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Women Warriors


We sincerely wish that this has been a help in creating a better understanding of how the Your Armed Forces operate and exist in keeping Freedom for all!


Thanks for checking out our page.

Wishing you and yours a long and happy life.

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