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Women Warriors

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Women Warriors

To many of us in today’s environment the mere thought of having the fairer sex fighting for their countries seems to be the last straw.

The belief that the male should be the only warrior protecting their countries is a noble thought;

But as you look back through the history of the World, you will notice that the fairer sex has fought on the front line dramatically as with so many results that ended up changing the World, for the betterment of all, not just the men.

If maybe you do not really believe that our ladies have been warriors of any kind, just check out the following items.

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Warrior Women of the Ancient World


Female Warriors Who Made Their Mark On History





You will notice that the so called “Weaker Sex” has been fighting as Warriors for thousands of years and we should know, these little ladies are still involved in fighting for the rights and protection of their people and improvements of the ways their countries are run.


This might be a of a “Tongue In Cheek”, but I would bet that the first real battle was between men and women resulted in a loss for the poor old man, lol.


Even the last century, Women Warriors were involved virtually in every conflict either as Nurses near or on the front lines or involved with the actual fighting.

Others were integrated with the Air Forces of their country as either Ferry Pilots and if you didn’t know Russia had quite a few Women Fighter and Bomber Pilots that had caused a lot of damage against their enemy.

And now in this century the United States have women on the front lines fighting and even leading troops on their patrols.

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Armoured Vehicle Evolution

Armoured Cars

Before tanks were designed, the military forces around the world depended upon armoured cars. They were able to penetrate lines of the enemies with them. Yet there were some problems with them. They weren’t very reliable as they couldn’t continue to move on the rugged terrain. Many of them got stuck and the men aboard them had to run for cover. In many cases they were sitting ducks and killed by the enemy as they had no place to go.

Most armoured cars for military use are very light though and they are faster than tanks. They can get in and out of a situation much quicker. This is why they are often sent in when there is a job that has to be done rapidly. They aren’t as safe as a tank but when speed is a factor they are the better option. Armoured cars are also more affordable than tanks which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to make. 

Most armoured cars for the military have a full range of weapons that are attached to them. They are meant for no nonsense types of battles when fast action has to take place. Those that are sent into combat in an armoured car are professionals. They understand what their mission is and what they must do to complete it. They also know the risks that they take when they are out there on the job but willing to sacrifice their own lives for the benefit of others. 

In some areas, armoured cars are sent to help take care of civilian activities. For example they may be sent when there are riots taking place. In many instances just the fact that they are on display with the weapons in place is enough to get the crowd under control. It is highly unlikely they will shoot such weapons into a crowd of civilians. Yet they do have that ability if they are in danger or if they need to do so in order to protect others. 

Armoured cars do have a purpose in the military, but most of them don’t go into battle anymore. That is reserved for the tanks that are built to go over the rugged terrain. There have been many modifications to the design of armoured cars over the years as well. This has resulted in them being more durable and easier to manoeuvre. The tires are also special made so they can go into more places safely.



Tanks are very heavy vehicles that are used in various types of combat that involve the military. They have wide tracks on them instead of tires, so they are able to move along all types of terrain with very little problems. Tanks don’t move very fast though, but they do offer plenty of protection for those people inside. There are also weapons attached to the tank that can be aimed and fired at the enemy lines.  

The use of tanks first occurred during World War I. They were introduced by the British, but they left plenty to be desired. The ideas were designed from early farm equipment that had additional armour added to it. They weren’t always able to move like they should in order to offer the right types of benefits though. Many military men inside of these early tanks were killed when it got stuck and they had no place they could go to escape. 

As time progressed it wasn’t just the British that were using the tanks in the wars though. Soon they became a vehicle used by all of the various countries. Some were more advanced than others and this made quite a significant difference. When you take a look at the Korean War, you can be sure if they had more reliable tanks they may have been able to defeat the United States. This is an issue that continues to haunt the people of Korea today. 

Technology has certainly led to many advances with tanks in the past several decades. There has been a great deal of money invested in the research, development, and design of war tanks. Each country knows that having the best vehicles out there can help them to win against their enemy. Sheer numbers of people in the military aren’t enough to decide the outcomes with such types of vehicles to counter attack. 

Tanks continue to offer a great deal of benefit for military operations. They seem to be passed over though by aircraft and other types of vehicles for battle these days though. That is often a part of the advances that take place in history though. When you see where the tank started out and where it is today though you can definitely see it has developed by leaps and bounds.


World War Tanks

The British are credited with developing the first tanks to be used in war. They were used in the World War that lasted from 1914 to 1918. The introduction of these tanks began in 1916 to replace armoured cars. While they had been effective, they couldn’t get to the same locations as tanks could. These large beasts made out of metal didn’t seem like they could be penetrated by anything. At the same time, they were able to continue moving along over every type of terrain out there. 

Ironically though these early tanks weren’t nearly as effective as one would think. There were still plenty of bugs to be worked out. The British continued to develop them though and they were very successful in defeating the Germans due to the use of them. These early World War tanks were made from types of farm machinery. They were then covered with metal to enclose them and to offer security for those inside of them. 

These World War tanks made it possible to cross over into enemy lines though without the occupants being shot. The ammunition from the tanks could take out many men from the enemy trenches in very little time. This type of machinery allowed for the British to defeat their enemy in very little time. They simply couldn’t do anything against the power of the tanks.  

It wasn’t long before the other countries involved in the World War were on the scene with their own tanks though. They knew immediately that if they were going to stand a chance in such battles they would need to be able to fight with the same types of equipment. Many different concepts were implemented along the way to improve upon what was already in use.  

Some of the early World War tanks are still on display at various exhibits and museums around the world. They are a reminder of what was once used in early battles, and how far technology in the area of tanks has come. While the concept of the tank has certainly improved since then, they aren’t as widely used in combat today as they once were. Tanks are durable, but they are slow moving. They aren’t much of a match for heavy artillery or bombs.


Korean War Tanks

Korean had good intentions to use tanks for the war, but they failed to make sure they were in good working condition. They had almost 3.500 of them in place, but very few of them actually worked liked they should. Many believe had they put more energy into the tanks they had they could have changed the course of history with the outcome of the Korean War.  

Yet they didn’t want to invest the money necessary to get the tanks to work properly. They likely had the funds, but it was a government decision. It is believed they didn’t realize just how effective the tanks could have been for them in the war. If they had, they most certainly would have put the money necessary into the process.  

Many also believe they did not expect the United States troops to have tanks that were very well designed and maintained. They didn’t realize that they would be up against this type of machinery instead of simple weapons and man power. This greatly gave the United States as advantage as the first of many battles waged on during the Korean War. 

There aren’t too many reminders out there of Korean War tanks though. Some pictures and some books that mention them. There may be a few of them still found in Korea but not with any real significance attached to them. This is due to the embarrassment that the tanks have with association to the Korean War. What is known about them though is that they could have made a significant difference in the course of Korean War. It isn’t known what would have really resulted if they had been prepared for the use of tanks by the United States. 

If anything, this blunder involving the Korean War tanks was a valuable lessons to many countries. It is important to keep up with the many weapons of those you may one day have to do battle with. It is necessary in order to ensure you have a good chance of walking away the winner. Of course this concept has escalated to the invention of many types of dangerous weapons of mass destruction. However, with each country having them there is very little chance that anyone will decide to use them.


Modern War Tanks

The tanks that were implemented in the early wars weren’t very useful. While they were powerful, and they were able to penetrate enemy lines, many of the early ones didn’t operate effectively. They would get stuck and they would have ammunition that jammed up in the guns. They did work well when they worked but it was always unknown when that would be. As a result there were many changes that came about for modern war tanks.  

Of course there are more gadget and technology to take advantage of these days for modern war tanks. Radar and various types of communication tools can be placed inside. The crew can find out exactly where their targets are, so they don’t waste ammunition attempting shots that aren’t effective. There are additional safety measures in place as well to keep everyone inside of the tanks comfortable. 

That also means it takes more training for someone to be authorized to manoeuvre a modern war tank. You can’t just get into one and automatically know how everything operates. A great deal of training for modern war tanks takes place in a classroom and with simulators though. It is only after those things have successfully been completed do the individuals go out into the field and practice with a real tank. 

You will often see modern war tanks at armouries all over the place. You can get up close and see what they look like. At some types of display shows with the military, you may be able to actually get to sit inside of one. That can be quite a thrill to get to experience what it is like behind the scenes of one of them.  

Even with the effectiveness of modern war tanks, research and experimentation continues to take place. The goal of the military for each country is to have the very best war tanks. They want them to be valuable vehicles that can get various types of work done out there on the field. They are also designed to help keep their own troops inside of them safe from the enemy. Millions of dollars are invested in modern war tanks and you can be sure they will continue to come up with better designs in the years ahead.


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