United States Armed Forces

The United States and Its Armed Forces

The United State military or armed forces are the unified body of all military forces in the country. It was first established in the second Continental Congress in aim of defending the then emerging and newly formed nation from the British Empire during the American Revolutionary War. In 1775, the Marine Corps, Navy, and Army were commissioned in anticipation of pending declaration of independence the following year.

In 1790, the Coast Guard was formed originally as the Revenue Cutter Service. It was a long way before the US military emerged to become what it is today, the greatest and most powerful military body in the world.

The structure is basically familiar to all. The President serves as the commander-in-chief. The Department of Defense serves as the major organ that carries out the overall military policy of the country.

After the September terrorist attacks, the Department of Homeland Security was formed to consolidate and coordinate civilian military contributions to counter internal and external national threats.

The US armed forces is the force to reckon, admired, respected, and looked up to by all other military bodies in the world.

Currently, the US military is being comprised of up to three million personnel. About half of those are in the reserve. Because of its great scale and volume, it is not surprising that the US armed forces has the record of being among the biggest military organizations in the world in terms of total number of personnel. It draws its basic manpower from a huge pool of military volunteers.

Conscription is therefore not a present source of personnel. About $711 billion of funds every year is received by the US military every year in the form of funds that constitute up to half of global military expenses.


As a whole, the US force owns huge quantities of modern and sophisticated warfare equipment. These powerful machineries further make the military more forceful and authoritative. The equipment makes the US military superior in terms of power projection and defense.

It should be observed that annually, a significant fraction of the country’s budget is allocated to further advancement and procurement of more military assets and gadgets. The reach of the armed forces is continuously extending, reaching as far as the other continents. Through the years, the US military has built its strong portfolio of reliable equipment and weaponry.


It is the utmost dream of most American males to be part of the military. Women also start to do the same. In fact, part of the current evolution of the US Armed Forces is the inclusion of women as officers. Female soldier are given more opportunities and responsibilities now.

This is not in any way surprising because for some time, the institution and the rest of the country has been actively fighting off and curtailing discrimination in any form.

Even gays and lesbians could now find their selves equal opportunities in the military. Thus, the US force is a great and superior one.


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The United States and Its Armed Forces

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Continuing as to why and when the U.S. started their

Independence movement, basically it all started over

Taxation and a cup of Tea.


The Boston Tea Party

There are some events that took place during the historic time when America was declaring its independence from England that are so historic, so iconic that they have taken on the status of myth and legend as much as history. And certainly the Boston Tea Party fits that description. 

This is such a stand out event in American history that it is common to see school children reenact it during elementary school plays or skits. And the participants names including John Hancock, Paul Revere and John Adams have similarly become classic heroic figures in American folklore and history.


But the events of December 16, 1776 were not fable or myth but real and important parts of the development of the American Revolution that was crucial to the early foundation of this country.

The situation of taxation that was being imposed by Brittan on goods that were coming into the colonies was one of serious stress on the colonists because they had no control over those taxes.

And that tax situation was made more extreme with the relationship between the British government and the East India Tea company who was receiving tax breaks for their goods that would place them at a competitive advantage in the Americas.


These kinds of preferential treatment only aggravated the already tense relationship between the colonies and Britain and many in leadership over the American states saw the way England was handling the situation as conspiratorial to try to hurt the economy of the growing new country and to impose restrictive rule through taxation on the colonies and the colonists.

That is why that famous proclamation No Taxation Without Representation became one that is historic for the outrage against the English that took the colonies into revolutionary war that eventually lead to the independence of the American colonies and the beginning of a new country.


Finally on Thursday, December 16, 1776, decisive action needed to be taken. And our forefathers were nothing if not known for bold and decisive action in the fact of tyranny. 

The East India Tea Company had docked HMS Dartmouth in Boston harbor full of a fresh import of tea for the colonies.

It was time for the colonists to make a statement that this unethical and immoral use of taxes on tea was for all intents and purposes an act of war and they were going to treat it as such.


Badly disguised as Indians, the brave colonists boarded HMS Dartmouth and her sister ships, HMS Beaver and HMS Eleanor and skillfully and efficiently dumped the entire delivery of tea into Boston harbor.

All totaled, over forty-five tons of tea went into the water that night. It was a stunning blow.  But more than that it was a slap in the face of the British government and a gauntlet laid down that their attempts to rule the colonies by tyranny were not going to be tolerated any longer.


This event was pivotal in pushing the hostilities between England and the colonies past the “nuisance” stage and setting forces in motion for war.

But more than that, it was such a bold statement of defiance that many colonists were inspired to join the increasing chorus calling for war and independence.


For loyal Britain’s, the idea of separating and forming their own country was hard to grasp. But the leadership of the men who planned and executed the Boston Tea Party demonstrated a new independent spirit.  This was the kind of backbone, the sense of pride and independence that was to come to define the American spirit in years ahead. 

But it took the courage and boldness of this little band of men to demonstrate that being trod on by a foreign tyrant was not something we had to put up with.


It made a statement to England and to the colonists at the same time that revolution was possible, and they really could think of themselves as free people who would bow to no king.

From that time forward the independence of America was inevitable.

These visionary leaders showed us an America that gave power to its people, not to kings or governments and the result in how America works, and our lives are lived is the direct outcome of bold protests such as the Boston Tea Party.


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