Obesity Problems and Causes


Vitamin D and Obesity 

Obesity Problems and Causes

How Late Sleeping Habits Lead To Obesity 

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Vitamin D and Obesity

The larger a person is, the higher the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and certain cancers. That obesity is a risk factor for these diseases is a given. Salynn Boyles of WebMD Health News reports that lower levels of vitamin D in obese people had been found to increase the chances of their being afflicted by these diseases because they are less able to convert vitamin D into 1,25(OH)2D, its hormonally active form, as revealed in a recent test at a weight loss clinic in Norway involving 1,800 people.

In this same test people who were found to be heavier than a body mass (BMI) of 40 were declared deadly obese and overweight and had lower vitamin D. This is according to study researcher, Zoya Lagunova, MD, of the Rikshospitalet-Radiumhospitalet Medical Center in Oslo, Norway. And therefore, Lagunova says, since vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, it is lower in fat people, raising their chances of getting fat and sick.


To fight this off, Lagunova and colleagues recommend that obese people should have more vitamin D in their diets: cod liver oil, herring, salmon, eggs, sardines, margarine, fortified butters, or go to the beaches more often and have more of the right sunshine in their skin than thinner people.

This is part of the wonder of the human skin being able to convert the ultra-violet rays of the sun into vitamin D, referred to as the “trick vitamin” because it is one that the human body itself can produce.


Since much of the vitamin D produced in the skin by exposure to the sun or ingested from food supplement is distributed in fat tissue so, just like those who are not obese, fat people can have as much vitamin D into their bodies, burning the fat and maintaining a lower blood level, which is ideal for eventual unwanted fat loss, trim figure and good health.


While some researchers declare that rather than circulating vitamin D in the body, a better option might be to maintain the 1,25(OH)2D levels in fat people, Clifford J. Rosen, MD, of the Maine Medical Center Research Institute, however, says that this hormonally active form of the vitamin does not indicate well the status of the vitamin, not to mention that measuring it is rather hard and costly.

For Lagunova, a more practical option for people who carry more pounds than most would instead be to include vitamin D rich foods in their daily fare.


On the other hand, it may surprise many to know that taking large doses of vitamin D available from food supplement is questionably beneficial or even safe, regardless of a person’s body weight, says Rosen.

In a study on vitamin D research among certain osteoporosis patients, Rosen and members of his panel even warned that intake of vitamin D over 4,000 IU (international units) per day increases the risk for harm to the body, and that their study did not offer any suggestion that obese people needed extra vitamin D to maintain adequate levels.


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How Late Sleeping Habits

                                         Lead To Obesity

Almost all kids these days have been hooked with online games, television shows and internet surfing. You may feel at ease now that you have control over them while they spend longer hours staying indoors. However, you should think twice as these habits may lead them to becoming couch potatoes that rely mostly on electronic babysitting. Online games are also designed to get kids hooked with a game until they beat the routine. These virtual challenges are observed to have greatly changed children’s sleeping behaviour.  

You should start getting worried if your kid sneaks out of his bedroom late at night just to boot the computer and play. You should not let your kid make excuses and convince you to sleep earlier than him or else he will continue playing online games without being conscious of the time. Kids need to be guided in terms of getting the right sleeping hours. The ideal sleeping hours for kids is at least eight hours a day. Lack of sleep not only causes behavioral problems but health problems as well. Obesity is on top of the list of these said problems.  

Sleep is very essential to our body. If we are getting lesser number of sleeping hours, our body will produce hormones that may trigger weight gain. Ever wonder why you often feel hungry when you lack sleep? This happens when levels of Ghrelin rise in response to this situation. Ghrelin hormones signal the stomach to produce more acid making a person feel hungry. The activity of your eyes and brain while surfing the net or watching television may slowly burn sugars causing the urge to grab for food. Thus, surfing the net could be more pleasurable when you have a pack of junk foods or sandwich.


If sleeping late becomes habitual, your stress levels will also rise as well as your levels of Cortisol hormones. One consequence higher cortisol levels is a lower ability of your body to metabolize sugar thus raising the risk of ailments like diabetes. The increasing number of kids with pre-diabetic symptoms has already increased. I bet, you never want your kid to be part of the statistics.


In addition, lack of sleep may cause inactivity and lethargy during the day. This may make your kid perform poorly in school and may lessen his social interaction with friends. Social interactions are the easiest and most immediate source of exercise on kids. Without it, your kid will become moody all day long and will not have a chance to make use of his or her stored body fats and sugar.  

Moreover, lack of sleep is also a bad health habit. Never let this ruin your kid’s health and future. Exercise control over his computer consumption habits. Set curfews and sanctions if he spends too much time being a couch potato. On the other hand, reward him with gifts and more attention if he complies with your rules. Also, find out if your kid has insecurities.

There are studies relating late night sleeping habits to low self-esteem. Maybe, you and your kid have some issues that should be worked out. Once you track the cause of late night sleeping habits, you will have higher chances of solving obesity as well.  


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