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The Power of the Mind

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The Brain and Healthy Aging

Growing older and learning from your mistakes is a clear sign that our brain is improving. The brain will improve as we learn. In return, it helps us to live a better life. We live longer and learn new skills that help us to develop a healthier way of living.

Our brain has learned a lot from our younger days. All those skills you accomplished made the brain stay healthy. Remember practice makes perfect and as we grow older the more practice we get. The more we learn the quality of talking grows and improves even more. We need to learn how to manage stress too because stress will damage the circuit in your brain.

As you grow you, become wiser. The challenges and opportunities along with making decision were all improving the brain. Be positive on life and ready for new challenges.

The brain works by increasing knowledge and it builds the connecting elements in the brain that make us function well. You’re never too old to learn something new.

As you grow older, keep your connection with your family and friends. The more we stay in contact with our family and friends we are keeping our mental sharpness working. You can learn from them or you could even teach them a thing or two as well and it will help to maintain your mental sharpness each day that goes by.


Your diet is very important to keep the brain healthy, as we grow older. Eat as many colourful fruits and leafy vegetables as you can. Vegetables are known to help your brain to perform and become better. If vegetables can help prevent or fight cancer, it has to be good for the brain as well.

Fruits and vegetable are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals along with being low in fat and calories. Antioxidants have proven to benefit us, since it contains Vitamins known to reduce dying or damaged cells. Eat those blueberries the colour is known to improve short-term memory.

Very few doctors disapprove of taking multivitamins and herb supplements. As we get older, our diets change by eating less just is careful and make sure that your dosage isn’t going to react to your medications.  Vitamins are good to take to replace what you don’t get in your diet but first consult with your physician to make sure your taking what you need.

Stress busters:

Stress can take over our lives making it harmful to your bodies and brain as well. There isn’t any way a person can relieve all stress but we can decide what can be eliminated and concentrate on what you can do to relieve the rest by bring pleasure to yourself. It is very important that you don’t let stress take over your life. Stress causes depression easier as we grow older.

The brain releases stress hormones to help use manage some stress but if too many hormones are released it can damage the nerve cells. Depression can set in if the hormones are released too much and fast.  

Relieve those stressful elements that cause you misery:

Relieving stress isn’t easy for anyone. You have to forget about the things you have no control over and fix the ones you do. Try taking a walk or do some kinds of activity to relax that brain not stress it. Putting some fun into your life and make yourself happy again.

Sometimes it takes a while to make changes in your life, as we grow older to fit your health and needs. Changes are hard to do and it sometimes becomes a challenge but in the end, it will relieve stress and improve the brain by giving it a new learning experience.


The Power of the Mind

Studies by Scientists at Yale University in America have shown that one of the most powerful methods of increasing your life expectancy is through the power of your mind.

Simple by thinking positively you can add years to your life expectancy.

How many years?  

Well surprisingly enough they have determined that you can add up to eight years to your life due to the fact that you will be happier, have a more fulfilling life and make better choices throughout your life due to your positive attitude.

We are often taught that you will get what you expect and people with a positive attitude tend to think they will live longer and in fact they actually do.

  • It has also been proven that the stress caused by negative attitudes that result in constant or long-term worry will reduce your life expectancy. When you consider the benefits of worry, or lack thereof, you will wonder why we ever worry in the first place.
  •  90% of what you worry about will never come to fruition and most of the other 10% you can't do anything about anyway so you should look at your attitude honestly and make a concerted effort to let matters 'float on by' without causing you to worry and you will live longer by doing so.


 Meditation is an excellent method of helping you to break the bad habit of worry and also for reducing other forms of stress.

  • Add as much fun and laughter to your life as this will also help to enhance your immune system thereby slowing down the aging process.

 Laughter helps to release pain relieving and muscle relaxing endorphins and that reduces the amount of stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin in the body. Anything that you can do to reduce or eliminate stress will help you to live longer.

Even refraining from watching the news on television or reading about it in the newspapers or on the Internet can help you to live longer because much of the news that we hear every day is negative.

A study was done on newsreaders that showed constant readers of newspapers that they died younger than comparable people who were in alternate groups that hardly read any of the negative material that seem to fill the newspapers nowadays. It was suggested that the cause of this was the fact they were constantly reading negative news reports on a daily basis.

Be positive and live longer and the best way to start is by laughing and smiling right now and understanding that whatever you are currently worrying about right now can't be changed by simply worrying.

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How can finances affect aging?

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How can finances affect aging?

Surprising enough there are several ways that being financial stable can help with your aging.

Let's start with stress. For many people financial struggles dominate their life and they live from one day to another in a state of financial stress. Stress is a killer and the longer a person has to deal with stress the more that stress is going to show on their face with worry and frown lines. Stress will affect the state of a person health too.

  • You can't hope to look fresh and young when stress is tormenting your body with the extra demands that is places on your nutrition and the affect that it can have on your digestive system.

When people are struggling with their finances they often have to make choices with the food that they buy whereby cheaper less nutritious food is chosen simply because that is all that the budget allows.

Often health care is lacking due to finances and this can result in problems getting left until they have already done their damage.

Some people smoke more cigarettes in times of stress and as that is one of the biggest factors for aging, you can begin to see how finances are a big factor in maintaining your 'looks'.

Skin care products can be expensive as can supplements and often these get missed off the shopping list when finances are tight. Even the environment where a person might have to live will be dictated by finances and that in itself can affect how they will age.


Unfortunately, there are so many things that are affected by money that the opportunity to look and feel younger is also affected in one way or another by finances too.

Fortunately, there are many things that can have a very positive effect on the aging process that won't cost a dime like meditation, yoga, a walk in the park and so on.

You just have to make the most of your circumstances and be aware of the affect that any area of your lifestyle might be having on you.


Going Back to School

For most of us, our senior citizen years are a time to relax, maybe pursue a hobby, travel or just relax and let life go by. But, for many, retirement isn’t just a time to lay the goals of life down.  It is a time to look back over life at the unfinished challenges and then go back and finish them.  And for many, an unfinished goal in life is to go back and get that degree.  Whether it is finally graduating from high school, finishing your bachelor’s degree or starting and finishing a masters or PHD, it’s a big challenge to go back to the classroom and get that certificate, especially when you do that as a senior citizen.

So why do we do it? This may be a question your children ask when they see you going after such an ambitious goal so late in life.  But when you think about it, we as senior citizens have a right to be a bit offended by the question.  Where is it written that we are denied the right to better ourselves just because we are in the later years of life?  Implicit in the question is the implication of, “What is the point of you getting a degree since you are not going to do anything productive in retirement and you are so close to death?”

The last thing we as senior citizens want is to be seen as people who are just sitting around waiting to die. Many a senior citizen has started an entirely new career and accomplished great things after 50.  With the advances in medical science today, it’s perfectly logical that you could live 20-30 years or more “in retirement”.  That is plenty of time to accomplish great things.  And starting out this era of life with a good education makes just as much sense as a youth doing so as they start out on their first career. 


This is not to say that going back to school is going to be easy. If finishing your high school degree is the goal, you are going into an alien world and one that was probably pretty hostile the first time you were there.  Your presence in the high school or college classroom is going to be the source of some humour and you might take some teasing for being there.  But those same kids will come to admire what you are doing and enjoy having “grandpa” in class with them each day.

On top of the social situation you may create in a high school or college classroom, school is a challenge. You will have to get used to being in the classroom and listening to lectures, reading textbooks, taking notes, doing papers and taking exams all over again.  If you go after an advanced degree and take several classes, you will be a very busy senior citizen just keeping up with your studies.

But there are some joys you can expect from going after an advanced degree. College life and being on a college campus each day is by itself a very stimulating environment.  And you may find yourself at a few pep rallies and enjoying campus life just like the other students.  Being with young people each day can be energizing and you may find yourself looking and acting as much like the youth you “hang out with” as you do your fellow senior citizens.


But the greatest benefit of getting that advanced degree is the pride or accomplishment you will get. If you are finishing your high school or bachelor’s degree, it no doubt nagged you all your life that this was something that you started and didn’t finish.  So, by going back and finishing it, you close that door and take away the power of that nagging voice. 

Don’t be surprised if you fall in love with academic life. Learning is tremendously addictive and you may wish to go on for yet more studies in fields of learning that have always fascinated you.  Nobody will turn away your tuition dollars if you just want to be in college for the pure joy of learning and being productive and be a part of something bigger than yourself doesn’t go away the day you stop working for a living..  And you will be an inspiration to your fellow students when they see you succeed and they tell themselves,

“If Grandpa over there can do it, so can I.”


Thanks for checking out our page.

Wishing you and yours a long and happy life.

From the Team.