Middle Ageing in Healthy Living


How body fat causes aging:

(CNS) The Neurons Make Up The Cell Bodies

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3 Perseverance Tips – Three Tips That Can Help You Persevere

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Middle Ageing in Healthy Living

When a person reaches middle age, they sometimes look back at the wasted years. Sometimes a person may wonder how they obtained wrinkles, illnesses, crowfeet, cellulite and so on.

As they continue to look back, they may wonder why they didn't take care of themselves.

The answers were in front of you then, so instead of regretting your past starts taking steps to slow further ageing now.

How body fat causes aging:

As we start to age normal body fat increases up to 30%.

The fat will spread out over the body, which usually the stomach gets the highest volume of fat.

The skin has less fat, which cause the skin to thin out.

As the skin thins it causes wrinkles to occur.

Unnatural wrinkles occur when a person smokes or else exposes the flesh excessively to the sun throughout their life.

As the skin thins, the functions and the body form starts to disintegrate and ageing continues to beg to be excused.

Upon the declining phase internal organ reactions or functions, begin to decline as well.

After a person turns 30, the body starts to send many other regrets.

Declination continues downhill from there on out.

The body's functional reserve’s helps the healthy ageing souls carry on, since particular organs can pull the weight.

As the person ages throughout his or her life the person may need to take medications, vitamins, supplements, etc., which due to the changes in the body the person may experience effects from illness, environment and toxins in the remedies and environment.

This is because the immune system has weakened. As we grow older, the kidneys weaken as well.

For this reason the body is incapable of dismissing poisons that come from environmental elements.

A person can benefit from drinking herbal tea at this point to maintain a healthier system.

Herbal tea works to detoxify your system while trimming the poisons and unhealthy elements that you acquire. The tea is great for cleaning out the entire system. As we grow older, our body is unable to remove the medicines or drugs taking, which is why you would want to try some.

Since many people engage in lifestyles deskbound these days or sedentary and many people smoke, use drugs, drink excessively, eat unhealthy, etc., it is often hard for experts to determine normal

healthy aging from unnatural ageing.

When a person lives unnatural lifestyles the anatomy and the physiology aspects are overtly affected.

This means that the nerve cells decline its action, which affects the basic useful unit of the Central Nervous System.

 (CNS) The neurons make up the cell bodies.

The cells die, which are replaced by living cells.

As we age, the dying cells gather and the living cells fail to reproduce newer cells to replace the older cells.

This mark can lead a person to cancer, or other types of deadly diseases.

For this reason you want to learn remedies, about vitamins, supplements, etc., that restore dying cells.

Of course you are not capable of stopping nature from finally stopping living cells altogether, but you do have a chance to slow natures process.

One of the best solutions is exercise.

Studies have shown that exercise is the number one reason that people survive many diseases and ageing.

Once the cell bodies are affected, the dendrites in the brain start to decline also.

When the dendrites start to decline it is a sure sign that mental confusions will follow.

When dendrites are affected in the brain, other areas of the brain are affected as well.

As you can see the chain of declination continues to decline until it finally reaches the main regions of the bodily functions.

It’s not all Doom and Gloom from here in, read and take in some of the suggestions and remedies that are mentioned throughout this series.

Talk with and follow the suggestions from your medical adviser, they are there for you in most aspects of your life and well being.

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When our body is consistently healthy we can handle stress

easily and we will become more resilient to any infection.

In addition, a well-maintained body can effectively

fight back chronic diseases such as

high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many more.

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Chapter 3: What You Need To Know About A “Raw Diet”

Chapter 4: Using Juicing For Better Physical Health

Chapter 5: What You Need To Know About Natural And Organic Foods

Chapter 6: Choosing The Right Fats

Chapter 7: Choosing The Carbs

Chapter 8: What Does It Mean To Your Health To Be A Vegetarian

Chapter 9: Foods To Kick To The Curb

Chapter 10: The Benefits Of Eating Right For A Healthy Body

Maintaining The Body


3 Perseverance Tips –

       Three Tips That Can Help You Persevere

 If you want to persevere, you do not have to do much. All you need to do is keep on going until you make it to the very end. Of course, there will be obstacles that may prevent you from meeting your goals and relishing the journey, but you can overcome them and keep moving on by following the tips below.


  1. Solidify Your Resolve

You should start by figuring out a specific goal. Once you have determined your specific goal, you should formulate a plan with steps that you will need to take in a certain amount of time in order to reach your desired goal. You will have to develop mental strength and put in effort and time if you want to reach your goal.

If you are suffering from self-doubt and do not feel self-confident, you will need to change that. You need to believe that you can persevere if you really want to make progress. Even if your goals may seem unobtainable, you need to believe that you can overcome life’s hurdles. 

Small yet stressful incidents are a part of life, so you should not waste your energy by getting hung up on them. If you want to persevere, you will need to let go of such petty things.


  1. Deal With Life’s Challenges

Life is full of challenges and obstacles, you need to stare them in the face and figure out a way to get through them or overcome them. Make sure you stick to the path that will lead you towards your goal, rather than making excuses or placing blame. There are many ways in which you can temporarily elude a problem, but it is never a permanent solution and should be avoided. 

You should use your conscience to guide you when making decisions and even then, you should make decisions carefully and reasonably, after you have weighed your options. Examining an issue that you have encountered from every angle will help you in taking the right action to handle it. 

On your way to reaching your goals, you will definitely make mistakes. Instead of feeling discouraged, you should gain wisdom from your mistakes and learn from them. Failures are a part of the process and failing simply means that you need to correct and improve your plan to reach your goal successfully.


  1. Stay Strong

A clouded mind and an unhealthy body can prove to be the biggest hurdle on your path to reaching your goal. Being physically healthy is also an important part of achieving perseverance. More than often, you will find it harder to get closer to your goal on your own, which is only natural, and means that you need connect with people who can provide support. 

Along with being mentally and physically strong, you also need to be spiritually strong too. On your path to reaching your goal, you may end up feeling as if you have no purpose and at a point like this, some spirituality can prove to be quite helpful. 

Above all, persevere depends on staying true to yourself and your values, which means you should act accordingly. Change something about your life only if you feel that it is wrong and continue making corrections until you have reached your goal.



As mentioned, you need to keep moving forward in order to persevere, and hopefully the above tips will help you keep moving until you have truly persevered and reached your goal or goals. 


Tips To Become More Positive

Both good and bad thoughts are creative and lead to material things. Our experiences and environment are actually as a result of our predominant thoughts. A thought is what discovers what you can do and the capacity to do it. Always see your negative occurrences as your learning experiences and stop blaming other people for what you are going through. The following tips will help you to be more positive.  

Avoid negative influences.

You should not entertain anybody who is likely to influence you negatively. Be it a close friend or a family member, stay away from them. Take your time and choose your friends wisely because they will have a serious impact on your behavior. Furthermore, do what you are comfortable with. If you feel bad, concerned or guilty because of doing something, you better not do it.

 Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Try to view every situation from a brighter side. If you do this long enough, it will become your habit, and this will eventually improve your positive thinking. Everything can be framed positively. Instead of saying a half glass of water is half empty, view it as half full. Even when you fail to achieve what you wanted, at least you have gained certain experiences that will make you better. Every situation has both negative and positive aspects. So, it is up to you to choose where to focus depending on your thoughts.


Positive life goes hand in hand with happiness. Even when things are not going as planned, at least smile to lift your mood. Do not worry so much till you cannot afford a simple smile. Share your positive experience with others and this will boost your moods. 

Surround yourself with positive activities.

Your daily activities also determine how positive you can be. All activities you get involved in each day should occupy your day in a very positive way. For instance, your entertainment should be positive. Do only those things you love doing. If it is watching movies, listening to music or engaging in sports activities, do it with passion, and this will boost positive thinking.  

Admit that there are problems.

You will be surprised that some people do not even identify and admit that there are problems affecting them. By identifying your problem, you will find possible solutions, and this will help you become positive.  

Ask for feedback.

Try to know what you are by asking your close friends or family members. You can as well involve experts to assess your behavior and give you feedback. Feedback will give you various perspectives from which you can decide on an appropriate course of action.


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