We all know that the Heart is a vital part of our life's existence and without this part of our internal machinery working properly or as some say, "Below Par", we are in trouble, drastic trouble that will slowly, at times, incapacitate us even put us in hospital or a nursing home without much of a chance of recovering our level of wellbeing.

On the other hand, a quicker result could be that it is so often be fatal with no recovery option! Totally undesirable result!

But there is the option that with the information that is available in Today's World we can fight this major health problem by understanding the possibilities of what is happening to your body and why.

You need to know and learn what the warning signs are and how at times you can reduce or even alleviate these health problems.

We believe that with our "Know Your Heart" series and these particular eBooks can help you on your way to a better and healthier life and lifestyle that can be gained through knowledge.

By gaining more knowledge about your health problem/s, you should be able to discuss these with your medical or health advisor and be able to give a much clearer explanation and also have a better understanding of their recommendations. With a clearer explanation to your advisor you will find that they will be able to confront more directly your problem and not have to try all of those "Hit & Miss" tests that they have to go through.

Don't forget that there are plenty of reasons that can and do cause Heart Problems.


Check out the following Know Your Heart eBooks and their contents.

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Know Your Heart Book 1

Understand Your Heart

Causes & Facts of Heart Problems

Heart Murmurs’


Their Problems


Know Your Heart Book 2

Family Concerns


Vitamins & Nutrients

Cholesterol and Herbal Uses 


Know Your Heart Book 3

Cardio Diseases



Know Your Heart Book 4

About Cardio & The Benefits

Heart Improvement

Exercises & Workouts

Your Exercise Programs

Warnings to Note


Know Your Heart Book 5

Understand Your Heart




Blood Pressure


Know Your Heart Book 6

Understand Your Heart

Causes & Facts of Low Blood Pressure

More on Blood Pressure & Hypertension Heart

Monitors Pacemaker & Defibrillators


Know Your Heart Book 7

Understand Your Childs’ Heart

Obesity Causes & Facts of the Young

Raw Foods

More About Your Heart & Nutrition

Improvements Towards Your

Heart & Health


Know Your Heart Book 8

Understand Your Heart




Obesity Crisis

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We sincerely hope and wish that any or all of these can help you or your loved ones to fulfil your lives with health and vitality that we all deserve.

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