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Giving Your Time Away

One of the joys of retirement is that you are into a time of life when making a buck and worrying about using your time “profitably” is less of an issue. But it’s not entirely accurate that all senior citizens want to retire to spend the day rocking on the back porch and taking long naps.  Human beings are by nature workers and doers and that need to be

This is why volunteering is such a great way for senior citizens to use the time and talents they have to benefit others. And more and more, non-profit and community service organizations are finding a rich resource of free and enthusiastic talent in the ranks of senior citizens.  For the senior citizen, the chance to volunteer for a cause gives them a chance to feel important and useful.  It provides human contact outside of their age group which is often a frustration for seniors. 

While seniors love being with those of their own generation, it’s just as important for them to be with people the age of their kids, young people, teenagers and children regularly.  In addition, volunteering gives seniors a chance to invest themselves in something they believe strongly in and do so with a greater depth of commitment than they ever could before they were retired.

  • The opportunities for volunteering in the community are so diverse that you can literally find a volunteering opportunity to fit any retirement situation and any temperament type or area of interest. Here are a few great volunteering ideas just to start the list.

If you have had a life of commitment to your church, there is always a need for volunteers to work with ongoing projects there. Many churches operate libraries, youth and family centres and schools who thrive on volunteers to keep reaching out to the community with these services.

  •   If you love the outdoors, the parks service may be able to use you to help with upkeep projects on city lands. You can also help coordinate charity events such as fun runs and marathons which will get you plenty of fresh air and do good for others along the way.


  •   The arts often use volunteers and you get to participate in great artistic programs. Opportunities like ushering at plays or music events at the local theatre, serving at the admittance desk or conducting tours at the museum or helping to build sets for the local theatre group can be great fun for an outgoing senior citizen.


For a senior citizen who is home bound or introverted, work can be found stuffing envelopes, doing internet research or making phone calls for charitable causes that can be done right from the comfort and safety of their living room.


These are just the tip of the iceberg of the great ways senior citizens can volunteer. Seniors are great volunteers because they are full of life and energy but at the same time patient and skilled at managing projects because of a lifetime of achievement. 

This is why volunteering is a perfect match for the needs for seniors to get out and engage life.  And they make a real difference in important causes along the way.


Over Sixty Dating for

                             Sexy Senior Citizens

When it comes to senior life these days, sixty isn't what it used to be thirty years ago. It seems that as time continues to march forward, those over the age of sixty aren't being left behind. More seniors are keeping themselves in great shape, and advances in medicine and nutrition mean people are living longer and healthier than ever.


Senior citizens these days are more vital and vibrant than any of previous generations. So, what if you're in the area of retirement age and you're looking for a mate? Over sixty dating can be a lot of fun and a totally rewarding experience.

Relationship expert and Internet author Wendell K. Cribbs reminds us that no matter what our age, dating and relationships are important to a healthy mental attitude and a rewarding personal life. We shouldn't allow nervousness and fear to keep us from developing healthy intimate relationships despite our age. Many of the fears seniors face when it comes to over sixty dating are fears that simply exist in their own minds.


"For people over sixty dating shouldn't be something to be afraid of," explained Cribbs. "In fact, dating for seniors can be a very exciting and fun experience. As we reach our senior years, many of the issues that face younger singles aren't nearly as significant or don't even exist at all. Things like career, family, plans for children and the like simply aren't as prominent. That means over sixty dating can be a lot more casual and a lot less restrictive with a lot less pressure".

Robert is a 66-year-old retired office manager who enjoys the over sixty dating scene, but that wasn't always the case for him. "I find dating at my age to be a lot more fun with a lot less pressure than when I was younger," he says. "Looking back on my life, I realize that I dated my wife exclusively for more than six years before we got married.

I remember that everything was just so serious for us at that time. We had a great life together, and when she passed away, I felt like I may just hide in my apartment and never go out with anyone again. That feeling lasted about six months, until some of my friends finally talked some sense into me. Then I just put aside all my fears and put myself out there".

Cribbs says Robert's situation isn't uncommon for those who are entering the over sixty dating scene for the first time. "Of course, there is going to be a certain level of nervousness and trepidation when it comes to dating again," the expert says. "Despite the fact that senior age people have a lot of life experience behind them, often they've spent literally dozens of years in a long-term relationship or marriage".


So, seniors looking to re-establish a potential loving and fulfilling personal relationship shouldn't be worried about entering the over sixty dating process.

After all, your life is what you make of it, no matter what your age.


Can You Be Healthy

                           Even if You Look Overweight?

One of the main things that people look at when considering whether a person is healthy or not is their weight and the way they look. If a person is overweight, they will generally look overweight, by having excess fat on parts of their bodies. It’s more common for people to look like they are a healthy weight when in actual fact they fall into the overweight category on the BMI scale.  

Is being overweight unhealthy?  

The fact of the matter is that if you’re overweight, you are at risk of more health problems. Even if you’re only a few pounds overweight, your risks are going to be higher than a person who isn’t a few pounds overweight. This is something that none of us can really get away from, although there are many things besides weight which come into play when determine a person’s health levels.  

Gender and other factors 

While the BMI scale works to a certain degree, it doesn’t take in many different factors which help to determine whether a person is actually overweight and unhealthy. For example, the difference between men and women when it comes to weight can be quite huge. Women tend to have more fat on them, so they might not necessarily weigh more but will have excess fat which could be toned by exercising a little. Some people are naturally larger and appear to be overweight, when it actual fact it is the shape of their body or the way they are built.  

Ways to become healthier 

You shouldn’t stress too much about the number on the scale or the person you see when you look at yourself in the mirror. If you’ve been to the doctor and you’ve been told your BMI number and what this means, don’t worry about it too much.  

You can become a healthy person by eating a healthy balanced diet, getting regular exercise and avoiding too much stress in your life. Drink around two litres of water per day in order to stay hydrated and help your overall digestive system and internal organs.  

Some people look overweight even when they go to the gym every day and eat the best diet they can possibly find. If you’re obese and you don’t seem to be losing weight when you’re doing all the right things, speak to your doctor or see a dietician.  

However, if you have a few extra pounds but you’re living a healthy lifestyle, it’s possible to be healthy even though you might look overweight.  


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The poor age faster than the rich: study

 Friday Jul 21 07:58 AEST

People with lower socio-economic status appear to age faster than their better-off counterparts, British researchers say.

They showed that the poor have shorter telomeres, the caps on chromosomes that prevent them from fraying, which makes them biologically older than people of the same age in higher social groups.

"Not only does social class affect health and age-related diseases, it seems to have an impact on the ageing process itself," said Dr Tim Spector of St Thomas's Hospital in London.

Each time a cell divides, telomeres shorten. The loss is associated with ageing which is why telomeres are thought to hold the secrets of youth and the ageing process.

The researchers compared telomere length of 1,552 women twins in Britain between the ages of 18 and 75 who were assigned to one of five groups based on National Statistics' Socio-Economic Classification.

Even after adjusting for factors such as obesity, smoking and exercise, which can also influence ageing, the scientists found that telomeres in women of lower economic status were significantly shorter.

The average difference was equivalent to about seven years of telomere loss, which also could not be explained by education or income, according to the study published in the journal Ageing Cell.

"This is equivalent to what could be considered an extra seven years of biological ageing," Spector told a news conference.

"We are talking about a seven-year difference in telomere loss between people of the same age, same body mass index, same smoking status, same exercise status who happen to be in a manual job or non-manual job, which roughly divides the social classes," he added.

When the scientists compared telomere lengths of 17 pairs of twins who had been raised together but as adults were in different socio-economic groups, mainly through marriage, the average difference was equivalent to about nine years' loss.

Spector suspects that lower socio-economic status has an impact on telomere dynamics.

"The idea is that psychological stress itself or the loss of control might have a biological impact," he said.

"It might raise levels of oxidative stress in the body and make cells turn over more quickly."


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