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Budgeting Activities for the Youth

It is very important for individuals to know how to handle finances. Being thrifty is a good trait and very few youth possess it. Parents are the very first teachers of the children and so they must set good examples. As parents, you can give your kids budgeting activities so they will learn to handle finances at an early age.


A very simple task or activity is to allow your kids to budget their allowance. You can start by giving them weekly allowances and then after some time, give them their monthly allowance. Once they have the money, they will be in charge of all their expenses. Don’t give them extra money especially if they spent their allowances unwisely. Let it be a lesson for them so that they will learn from their mistakes.


Another thing, parents should also encourage their teens to join youth groups in your area. That way, they can participate in the various activities of the group. In fact, some activities of the youth group can teach the members on how to spend money wisely.


Youth groups usually organize special occasions and the group is often divided into several committees. One committee will be in charge of handling the finances for the occasion. This is already a way of training the youth on how to appropriately distribute the available funds so that everything will go smoothly.


Out of town activities are also conducted. This activity will also improve the budgeting skills of your kid. Of course, as a parent you will give your kid allowance for the trip. If your kid is responsible enough, he/she will spend the money only on the necessary expenses. Thrifty kids will often go home with money in their pockets, and not empty-handed.


It seems that everything you do involves spending money. You have to pay the electric bill, the water bill, telephone bill, buy some groceries, pay the rent, and many others. If an individual knows how to handle these things, everything will be settled down to the last monthly bill and will even have money left for savings. You as parents will surely be happy to see your kids grow to be responsible individuals.


Budgeting is very important and when your kids grow up, they will need it badly. If they fail to budget their money, then they will always end up borrowing money. Things might even go very badly because the credit standing may be affected. So while your kids are still young, teach them how to effectively budget their money. Your kids will surely thank you when they grow older.


Help your kid find a youth group and show him/her your full support. Encourage them to participate in the budgeting activities to enhance their skills. Give them enough freedom to take care of their expenses while they are still young. That way, the kids will be more independent and wise. They will learn the value of money and the importance of savings.


As soon as your kid reaches the teenage years, teach him/her to be a responsible individual who knows how to handle money. And of course, let your kid join a local youth group so that he/she will belong to a peer group that can help him/her become a better person. You will soon notice that your teen is growing up too fast.


Kids Need To Play Outside,

                   How Do You Do That Safely?

If you are a baby boomer then you‘ll remember the good old days when you played outside all day and complained vehemently when you were told to go inside for the night.


If you take a look outside these days the streets are fairly empty with few people even walking on the sidewalk or playing in the grass. We’ve become somewhat paranoid and the game has changed.


It seems like the children have lost their freedom to play safely outside by themselves and with their friends. Instead we now have very controlled environments of driving your child to a friend’s house or taking them to various extra-curricular activities. While this is still valid I find it a shame that we are victims of fear in this society. We also have more children becoming couch potatoes watching TV or playing video games. You’ve probably noticed obesity on the rise in America and around the World this is true for all of our children as well.


But we can have some of the good old days back and here are some things you can do to make it safer to let your kids play outside;


1). If several kids on your street that play together, you can get together as adults and assign on a rotating basis who will keep an eye on all the kids while the others are getting important things done. But do this job with great care. You have precious little future adults that still look to you for safety.


2). Better still, play games with them. Someone who is looking to annoy, tease or do harm, is less likely to do so if active adults are on the scene.


3). Prepare for possible emergency. A family plan firmly in place and understood by all and *drilled*, may be more successful then not having a plan at all. An example of something you can do, is hang a whistle on a string. Every time the kids go out they put the whistle around their necks. They are taught that they blow the whistle hard in an emergency situation only! Tell them the cry wolf story and let them know what the consequences are for blowing the whistle in a non-emergency situation. Can you imagine if all parents in your area are grooved in on this and you hear a whistle go off, you may have half a dozen people or more flying out the door instantly to investigate.


4). On the Oprah Winfrey show there was a family that had an emergency plan in place that was quite ingenious. In a prior family meeting they developed a code and I believe it was a number code, but any simple code would suffice. They were told never ever reveal the code to anyone for any reason. It paid off because a man approached their younger daughter and told her, that her parents wanted him to bring her home. She asked him for the code. He could not produce one and instantly she ran and averted a potential disaster. On the show, Oprah tried to get the girl to reveal the code but the little girl remained true and would not reveal it. She was highly praised by Oprah and I thought this was a fantastic plan the parents had come up with. It worked for them and could possibly work for you.


5). Adults are obviously much stronger than children but that doesn’t mean that a child cannot hurt an adult. Karate or Tae Kwan Do classes can be of benefit to boys and girls. It can not only build character and strength, but it can also teach them how to get out of certain grips and holds and where to hit in an emergency situation. It may be enough to get away. Also, it’s a great way to keep them fit and healthy.


6). I think that the best thing you can do is teach your child to be aware. If children learn early on basic safety precautions, it becomes a lifelong habit. Do you remember as a kid walking down the street, staring at the sidewalk as you were walking? Teach your children not to do that. Have them scan ahead and all around. This will do two things; a) they can spot potential trouble ahead of time and b) it gets you out of your head and seeing the world around you. This is good for you to do as well.


Kids need to play and be social and it’s ok to get dirty sometimes. I see it all the time with my grandchildren that they are the most happy and energetic when they are outside. They actually fight less and work more as a team with each other and their friends when they can safely play outside. Make yourself and your children more aware and for peat sake, have some fun!

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Protecting your Child's emotional Well-Being is one of the steps that as a parent will improve their outlook towards a future of stability as they grow and age towards adulthood!

We have included items that you can show your youngsters that should help them whilst going through the aging process including a helpful hints towards homework ( probably not their favourite subject ) but it is something that is needed and also you might even enjoy yourself;


Protect your Child's Emotional Well-Being

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a future of Emotional Well-Being


Keeping Kids Active

Experts say that kids need 60 minutes or more of physical activity a day. With childhood obesity on the rise, it’s even more important to keep our kids interested in sports. Keeping these tips in mind could help your children enjoy activity even more. 

Let them lead the way.

          Kids stay active when it’s fun for them, so try to keep it that way. Don’t force them to do any activity that they’re not comfortable with. If your child would rather play tag than swim, do it. You’ll both be moving and having a great time. 

Mix it up a bit.

          Different sports are fun for different kids. Introducing your children to as many activities and sports as you can, will allow them to discover what they truly like.  

Don’t keep score.

          Pushing kids to excel could lessen their interest in certain activities. Forget about the score and let them invent their own goals. The true measure of a successful season for any child is whether they want to play next year.


          Remember to make sports a family affair. Your children will be more enthusiastic about physical activities if you lead by example. In the dog days of summer, try to devote an hour each evening to being active with your children.

Turn off the television and have some quality fun!


Youth Group Games Activities

Even if you’re already grown up, or you’re in your adolescence, you shouldn’t lose the child in you. Give yourself enough time to have fun by participating in youth group games activities.  

Games and grammar activities will definitely help you have fun while learning. If you don’t want to get bored while trying to learn your lessons in school, take a look at these fun youth games.  

  1. Tic Tac Toe

Draw a tic tac toe giant board in class. In the squares, you need to write a sentence using a verb. Leave a blank space for the verb. If the missing verb can be identified, that is the time to place an ‘x’ on the box. The teacher will also participate in the game and should check the different answers of the students.  

Aside from using verb in the sentence, you can also use other grammar rules.  

  1. Sentence Auctions

When doing youth games in school, you should start with the easy ones. Now, this game is harder than the first one. The class should be divided into groups. Teach them everything about auctions. Each group should be given points or even money so that they can bid for the given correct sentences. The teacher will be the one to auction correct as well as incorrect sentences. The group that earns the highest points wins.  

  1. Sentence Maze

The student should each hold a printed maze. Make sure that the students start together. Read sentences that are grammatically right and wrong. Students will have different answers. If the students are able to tell the right from the wrong sentences, they can finish the maze.  

  1. Sentence Partners

Each student should be given a secret word. The words can be verbs, nouns, adverbs, prepositions, and many others. After that, each student should look for at least two partners so that they can create a correct sentence. When everyone is finished, let them read the sentences. All the sentences should be correct in order to win the game. You can do this all over again. Yu simply have to prepare many words that can be matched together.


As you can see, the games are similar to kids’ games. But that’s just the idea behind it so that the youth don’t get bored in class. With the games, they can have fun while learning their lessons in English. You can even use the games in other subjects like mathematics. Try the games and the class will surely have fun.  

There are still other fun youth games that you can use. The internet can provide you with the needed resources. You simply have to search the internet and that’s it. The games will be all there, including the instructions and needed props.


Learning is a continuous process and for as long as you live, you will learn new things. This is the very reason why you shouldn’t lose the child in you. Having fun is not bad especially if you’re learning in the process. It will be bad if you’re not learning at all and if it is done excessively.  

Spending every day in class without having fun at certain a time can be very boring especially for the youth. Adolescence is a period of great change for individuals. To keep things running smoothly in class, have youth group games and activities.


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Your young and all youngsters need to be active to increase their fitness and get away from those mesmerising games that have them sitting down with only their fingers working.

Not really invigorating with not much of a chance to even get the blood circulating, no increase in muscle building or strengthening of the bones just a short cut towards an unhealthy life ahead.

The lack of activities leads towards obesity, diabetes and heart problems, just to name a few future health disasters that will head their way.

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