Your Top 10 Superfoods

What is a Superfood?

Here are a couple definitions from respected dictionaries that give you a better idea of exactly what superfoods are.


  • Macmillan Dictionary - " ... superfood is a food that is considered to be very good
  • for your health and that may even help some medical conditions."


  • Oxford Dictionary - "A nutrient-rich food considered to

be especially beneficial for health and well-being."


Powerful motivation to add superfoods to your regular diet.

One thing you'll notice about the list of 10 superfoods to include in a healthy diet is that many of them are extremely versatile in the kitchen.

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Your Top 10 Superfoods 


 How they Benefit Your Health

 What is a Superfood?

1 – Quinoa   2 – Blueberries  3 – Salmon  4 – Almonds and Walnuts

5 – Avocado   6 – Cayenne Pepper   7 – Kale   8 – Eggs

9 – Sweet Potatoes and Yams   10 – Green Tea 

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