Website Protection

Protection is vital for all that wish to use the Internet and all of the various systems that are available!

Anything from passwords, storage of your vital files offline, backing up your website (in case of loss of site or even being hacked) and managing all of your plug-ins with ease.

Our favourites include the following systems >>

RoboForm -- Dropbox

Backup Creator -- Plugin Dashboard



Sick of having to manually sign in to all of your accounts? Simple answer to this is you need RoboForm, Sign in once.

Whether you're signing up for:

*Safelists -- *Traffic Exchanges (log in and re-log in after time out)

*Surveys -- *Special Software Trials -- *Blogs

*Article Submissions or the dozens of other sites you open, including your e-mail, Clickbank accounts etc...

You couldn't help but have noticed the repetitive monotony of signing in and filling out personal information forms over and over and over again...

And how it slows you down and breaks the flow of what you're doing. Especially if you're doing traffic exchanges and you keep timing out!

You Need RoboForm!

RoboForm collects your personal data one time, manages it securely, and when you go to a web-site it's intelligent enough to RECOGNIZE all the fields, allowing you to auto-populate contact information or user name / password combinations at a single click!

This simple tool will save you hours - literally - per day and a ton of aggravation. Some of the investments are hit and miss, but this one will have immediate impact no matter what you're promoting or how you're promoting it!

The Magic that happens will be that you only have to remember one password to access all of your required passwords for all and every other site that needs a password to access.



Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. Sign up for free! Save Your INET business or private files & Your Sanity

If you are getting a bit worried about saving your files from a computer melt down this might be your little saviour.

Do you wish to be able to access your files from any Internet connection anywhere in the World easily and for free.

You have the perfect solution available right here!

It has a large storage capacity with the free version you start at 2GB, but there are a couple of up-grades available if you need the extra capacity.

Once you have set-up the files within Dropbox, the system automatically up-dates them for you, which saves you from having to do each one manually.

Emailing files to people is a pain! Dropbox's shared folders let you share stuff with others and work together on projects.

When you save something to a shared folder, it'll be as if you saved it straight to your teammates' computers.

When any changes are made, you'll see them instantly and get a notification too!

Check it out as this will save you time and worries about losing your email in the system.

Click the link and take a free tour and see what is there that you can use right now.


Backup Creator 

What if there was one simple WordPress plugin that allowed you to:

* Backup all your WordPress content, themes, plugins, settings, and

files, in one single click?

* Make an unlimited number of backups so you could be sure you

never lost any part of your blog ever again

* Easily restore that WordPress blog, membership site, or sales

letter, in one single click, in case anything went wrong.

* Even "copy" your WordPress installation to any new location... so

setting up a new membership site, blog, or sales letter, with the

exact same plugins and settings, is as easy as clicking a button? 

Claim your access to this easy to use WordPress backup tool right now!


Plugin Dashboard

With this you can install plugins on UNLIMITED SITES you PERSONALLY OWN

Point, Click and Manage your WordPress Plugins on Unlimited Domains Using this

Simple Tool called Plugin Dashboard

You might find this, very advantages to your business.

Short and sweet, just check it out the demo >>


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