Using Fitness Equipment

A Guide To Using Fitness Equipment

Exercise Bikes are NOT Created Equal,

How to Find One Right for You 

Bicycling Basics for  an Overall Workout

The Benefits of an Elliptical Trainer.

What’s a Recumbent Exercise Bike and How It Can Benefit You 

Exercise Balls, A Great Tool for Your Home Gym Workout

Proper Exercise Methods for Utilizing a Medicine Ball

The Power of Pilates. What It Does for Your Body.

How Yoga Can Benefit Your Exercise Program

The Bowflex Bandwagon, Worth the Hype?

Exercise Accessories, A Guide to Gloves, Mats, Belts and More.

Safety Issues to Address When Starting an Exercise Program

The Importance of Your Shoes in Exercising 

The Advantage of Using a Personal Trainer at Your Gym 

Personal Fitness Monitoring, Useful Tools for Tracking Progress

Ten Tricks to Sneak in Exercise in Your Daily Routine


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