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Thanks for checking and joining our site GrowingGracefullyOlder and we are sincerely wishing that this and our future information will be of either personal help to you or a family member and even a great friend that needs further hints and suggestions to improve their health.

As we say frequently these are for you to contemplate and to offer you further knowledge as too be able to discuss with your medical or health advisor and to be better able to understand what and why they are suggesting for your improved health and well being.

"GrowingGracefullyOlder" will endeavour to help with your overall health, wellbeing and a much improved and far happier lifestyle for you and yours’.

One of the major concerns is that too many people as they age they slow down and start to get to the stage of staying home and end up just vegetating. (This is not what life is about, as the human race no matter where we all come from we are meant to be social beings).

If you start to do this illness doesn’t creep upon you, it will run riot as your body is not creating the correct environment to fight the sudden problems that will start to drag to either bed ridden or too become an invalid and dependent upon others to look after you.

Another problem that rears its ugly head, you start or even increase your reliance upon pre-packaged or fast foods for your existence and as we are finding out with the information that lately is telling us that we really need to get back to our predecessors habits of actually cooking and eating fresh foods.

Also as now the information that is becoming freely available now as to the fact we need to stop or even slow down our consumption of all of those GMO and Junk foods that has been available for quite awhile now and that we have falsely been told that there is no problem to our health!

Studies that are now showing completely the opposite of what even our governments and these incredibly rich companies have stated for years with a lot of falsified scientific studies at the time. When you look at some of the deals that seem to be made show that corruption is and has been to the detriment of the general public and their health.

These problems and the possible solution/s will be included within our future series so that you will be informed and that you can make your decision about how and what you will do to improve your health and lifestyle.

We will include information towards the Baby Boomers and Beyond within GrowingGracefullyOldersuch as some of the problems that have or being overcome by this group and it does not necessarily mean that the Baby Boomers are alone in this age as these problems include everyone, Pre-Boomers and Post-Boomers.

In other words this series can be used by all ages,

                                         so don’t let age be the only reason to go through this series.

Our main concern at GrowingGracefullyOlder is that all can improve their health and create a far happier outlook and improvement towards a “Lifestyle” that all can see that you are caring for yourself and improving your total wellbeing.

Studies have also shown that we all need to have some fun in our lives, so we will be including some humour/humor (this spelling depends on which side of the big lakes that can divide us), in the form of jokes or cartoons collected from around the World.

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From the crew at GrowingGracefullyOlder we all hope that you and yours’ will find this helpful in the future wellness of all.

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Lawrence S Mills & the Marvellous Team”.