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Teenage Weight Loss

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The Secrets of Teenage Weight Loss

Teenage is one of the most difficult stages of a person’s life because of the different pressures around, especially peer pressure. Peer pressure matters and what others say about your figure matters most.

Being an overweight teenager causes stress, disappointment and lowers down moral. However, there are different ways to eliminate the pressure obese teens usually get. Here are some of the secrets of how to lose weight among teenagers.  

Support from Parents.

Parents play a crucial role in developing their children of what they will become in the future. They are also great influence on what the child is going to do. Playing as a role model in losing weight will really help teenagers to have confidence and determination to continue losing weight. As parents, your overall health should be fine. If a parent has combated obesity in an easy way, then that means their children will also be able to lose weight successfully.

It’s true that you can’t let your children eat healthy foods if you are not doing the same thing. After all, parents are good role models to their children. 

Factors affecting the Teenage Weight.

Since there are a lot of factors affecting teenage weight, it is important to be aware of these factors in order to manage the ways which can help you lose weight. One of the factors affecting the weight of a teenager is puberty. The puberty stage offers unending physical changes that may be new to your body.

At first you are not able to accept the fact that your body mass is increasing. It is common that boys increase their body muscle and girls increase body fat. Increase of body muscles is essential for the body because these muscles are responsible in fat burning so it is good for the boys to increase body muscles.

While girls need to work out on the consequence of increasing body fat. Fresh fruits during snack time and even before meal will improve the blockage of fat deposition to decrease body fat deposition.


The kind and amount of food intake among teenagers greatly influence their weight, too. Hanging out is rampant on this stage of life but there should be caution in the foods that they eat. Food consumption is a controllable factor unlike puberty so there’s much to be done in order to avoid accumulation of teenage fat.

Parents should guide their children in the foods they eat. Oily foods, high calorie foods and fatty foods must be avoided. Instead, consumption of fruits and vegetable must be promoted. If you are a parent and wants your children to eat fruits and vegetable, then you should also eat what they are eating. Be a good role model.


Teenage weight loss should be achieved to boost a teenager’s moral. It is such an embarrassing experience if they are the topic of every conversation at school because of their weight. Parents must know what things make a teenager feel doing and what they don’t want to do. This enables instructing them to do weight loss program a lot easier.

Parents can design ways according to what the children are fond of doing. For example, if he is fond of outdoor activities and doesn’t want to eat vegetable then create some unique ways where he will not know that he is actually eating vegetable.


Adolescence and Weight Problems

Adolescent or teens are undergoing heavy transition between childhood and adulthood. It is the time they experience the first surge of hormones leading to different emotional complexities.  They start to assert themselves in every situation and meet challenges like young adults.  When social circle starts to widen, teens are always conscious about physical appearance, especially girls.  They are anxious to look best, and most of all to look slender in all occasions. 

Weight loss sounds like a struggle to some people, while there are ironically those who aspire to gain weight. Losing weight is critical to those who are 20% over weight.  If being thin is quite a problem to some, the reality still shouts loud that it is ugly to be fat.   

The onset of this issue starts in early teen-age years. High schools are stressed out to be thin while they nibble on high calorie foods.  People with fast metabolism or those who weigh normally have the capacity to burn fat easier than those who overweight by heredity. 

Teen weight loss has to be ruled out even childhood years. It starts during infanthood.  Based on researches, breastfed babies are less likely to suffer from obesity in their adult years.  Bottle fed babies tend to suck milk easily compared to breast fed babies who work harder to suck the natural way.  Infants who become overweight are higher with bottle fed babies and they carry it over until they reach adolescent years.  Once a child is already obese during childhood, the body has already adjusted to such metabolism.   

Teens are also affected by hormonal changes. Girls have monthly woes of hormonal peaks, which could be felt during and after menstrual cycle and during ovulation.  Water retention usually occurs before a period.  This could be avoided by eating less salty food.  Boys who are very active with activities tend to eat more but could find balance in shedding fats easily.   

They are also prone to obesity given the right formula of eating too much, eating oily/fatty foods and not shedding the excess calories. Needless to say, being overweight knows no gender except for the biological reality that boys are more muscular by girls.  By nature girls have 25% more body fat compared to boys because their bodies are prepared for nurturing children.   

Weight loss for teen does not have to be complicated. If the teen is excessively problematic about the issue, it is important to consult a doctor and know the reason behind the abnormal weight.  The doctor will determine how to attack the real problem first rather than giving ineffective methods of diets.  The doctor will know the teen's daily habit and lifestyle from where he can base his judgment in giving the right nutritional advice.   

Exercise is an important part of routine session to be undergone by a teen. This is to trim the muscles during weight loss.  Exercise not only improves circulation but it also boosts the functioning of the body.


Effective dieting is like a goal with rules to be followed. If an expert has tabulated a weight loss diet, it should be complied with great courage and determination to get the desired result. 

There is no room for panic and plunging to fast methods of weight loss. It is to make the method slow but sure.  

This way, the weight loss is permanent.

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healthy process and that there are some ways that will not work

successfully and at times they can cause more problems.

Dietary considerations, being active, (less electronic games and tv)

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Easy Weight Loss For Teens –

                          You And Your Teen Together

If you are looking for easy weight loss for teens, let's just stop right here. You need to know that there is no magic pill for losing weight. Your teen is going to have to work at it, especially if they have more than just a couple of pounds to lose. More and more young people are considered overweight or obese. Statistically, approximately one-third of all teenagers are overweight or obese. 

Obviously, there are health risks involved and these health risks need to be dealt with but if your teen is overweight the psychological affect their weight has on them can be just as damaging. Help your teen make reasonable lifestyle changes so they can lose the weight and have a positive body image.  

You can make it easier on the teenager by telling them you are going to work closely with them to lose the weight no matter what. Just like breaking any old bad habit, have your teen choose a start date for their new good habit of nutrition and exercise. 

Before the start date arrives, begin keeping a journal of what you eat and what exercise you get during the day, have your teen do the same thing. This will help you both make the changes you need to make in order to have the most effective weight loss you can.  

Get a book that shows you the amount of calories in the food you eat. Help your teen create a meal plan that is no more than 1500 - 1700 calories a day and plan out five small meals each day for you and them. 

When looking for easy weight loss for teens, know that they must take in fewer calories than they burn every day. Add a 30 minute walk three times a week and you and your teen have yourself a recipe for success. 

Walking is actually the best thing for your teen when you they want to lose weight. After a while they can incorporate the use of ankle and wrist weights when they get further along and are in better shape. Using weights will up the level of difficulty and help your teen burn more fat with each step. 

Your metabolism plays a key role in whether you lose weight or gain weight. Start your day and metabolism off right and have a good low carb breakfast. Follow the meal plan you have made and pack your snacks and a lunch for when you are at work then when you get home have a nice low carb supper. If your teen gets hungry before bedtime they can have one more small snack before bedtime. Eating every two to three hours will keep your teen's metabolism in high gear and help them lose weight naturally.


So have your teen set a start date and when it comes, they can begin creating their new look.

Do not forget to make sure your teen stays hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Once they begin and start seeing results they will realize that they have found easy weight loss for teens.


Weight Loss Plans For Teens

                                            That Will Work

If you're a Parent or a teenager looking for weight loss plans for teens, then you're no doubt in a very difficult moment of your life. The trick for success in losing weight is to understand and accept that whatever plan you decide is for you, then your success will not happen overnight. 

So it's important to be realistic and not set yourself up for a frustrating fall.


Your first step before you jump on any weight loss plans for teens is to make sure that you have the basics down and you've tried them to the best of your abilities. That means taking regular and adequate exercise for your ability and fitness levels – increasing in frequency and level as your fitness improves.  It also means cutting out fast foods and junk foods and eating a diet heavy in fresh fruits and vegetables and fibre. 

Also, make sure that any between meal snacking is avoided, because this is a sure-fire way to pile on the pounds and ruin all your good work.  Drinking at least a litre and a half of water per day is also the basics of weight loss and should be actively encouraged.  If you have tried these basics and you're still struggling to lose weight, then one of the weight loss plans for teens might just be for you.


Whichever plan you opt for there are certain points that you should make sure the plan either includes or doesn't include. Often people say avoid fad diets because any weight loss that is achieved will reappear once the user goes back to their everyday eating plans.  As much as this is true, often times people cannot agree on what is considered a fad diet.  So you will no doubt get contradictions about which group a particularly popular diet falls into.


Pretty much though, it is a matter of using your common sense and judging for yourself whether a diet program is for you. For instance judge the kind of foods that a program is asking you to eat, if those foods are overly restrictive, then you might want to look further at the program and see if it is for you.


Some weight loss plans never include the taking of regular exercise, which for anyone, whether they are looking to lose weight or not, is important. For a growing teen regular exercise is crucial, so if there is no reference to taking exercise, again ask yourself if this program would really suit you and your needs.


Weight loss plans for teens are always a good idea because finding a successful program will not only help to lose the weight, but it will also foster confidence and a high self-esteem in a growing and maturing teen.


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Something Good and Free

                               Came Out of the Internet

We want everything in life to be free, like the air we breathe. But reality is not that easy nor is it that kind. There are people who will exploit every opportunity to get even the smallest amount of money from various services.  

Fortunately, there are still a considerable number of good people in the world. Some of whom share their knowledge and experiences free of charge. Take for example the weight loss programs and techniques. It is common practice to hire experts to help individuals to lose weight.  

Nowadays, one can just go online, conduct a search and voila! You'll find instant and free tips and strategies that will guide adults and teens alike from losing those excess pounds.  

Take for example the following tips. The following general guidelines were taken from the internet. They showcase some basic, at times rather obvious, words of advice on how teens should lose weight. Overweight teens have somewhat a tricky problem when it comes to losing weight.  

They should take care and monitor their diets and weight loss closely since they might not be taking enough food that will give them the proper nutrients for them to grow and their bones and muscles to develop. The following tips include ingenious ways that teens can follow which can help them loose those body fats.  

Overweight is usually a result of overeating of junk foods rich with saturated fats, salts and loaded with calories. To curb your desire to eat chips, you learn to replace these types of foods with healthier ones like carrots or fruits.  

Replace a bag of potato chips with carrots sticks or apples or bananas. Another way to restrain your uncontrollable craving for extra foods like desserts and sweets, make sure that you brush your teeth at the end of every meal. Brushing have this unconscious effect that sends signals to your brain that says you've finished eating.  

Sometimes, when you do something while you eat, you don't seem to notice that you are already full or you are already eating more than what you should have. So as a recommendation for mothers at home, keep the kitchen free from clutter unrelated to cooking like homework, paper jobs, etc. When you're at school, keep your snack time to a minimum.  

The more you stay lingering around the school grounds or canteen, the more chances you have to buy something to eat. When eating, eat slowly and in small bites. Forcing yourself to chew your food will help you recognize that you're full. The brain takes around 20 minutes to determine if the stomach has just enough food or not. That's why by eating slowly, you could get the right portions of food since you would always be able to avoid over eating.


It is also known that music affect eating habits. The faster the music the faster you tend to eat and we don't want that. And also, be sure to be as active as possible.  

Also, it seems that sunlight affects cravings for sweets. It is said that when teens are exposed less to the sun, they tend to grab more high-calorie, fatty carbs like cakes, cookies, ice cream and chips,”  

These are just a few free tips that I've found in the Internet. The World Wide Web is full of articles just like this.

All you need to learn is how to use the internet to your advantage.




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