Survival Basics

By now we have all heard or have even been involved with Natural Disasters of some kind. We are sorry that there isn’t much that we can do to eliminate these natural catastrophe’s, except by reducing the pollution effect but that is a story for another time.

What we all need to know is what can be done to safely endure through a pending disaster that can strike at any time now and into the future.

Our Free Download for you will offer hints and suggestions that should help you, your family and Pets to survive.



Survival Basics Guide


Disaster Survival Tips

The following is included to help in you gaining survival knowledge >>

Disasters: Why No one’s Really 100% Safe

Creating a Disaster Plan for Your Family

A Disaster Kit … Helping Your Children in a Crises

Watch or Warning … Disasters and People with Disabilities

How to Create a Support System … What If You Must Evacuate

First Aid for First Response … Food Stores

What About Your Pets In an Emergency

Medical Emergencies … Safety Proofing Your Home

               Disaster Insurance

             What You Should Carry in The Car

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