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Preparing for School

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Staying Healthy


Preparing for School

      There are several different ways you need to prepare your child for school, including mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Whatever the age, there are certain physical things that you need to get ready for them to begin school.

          If your kids are like mine are, they have spent the summer with long nights and late mornings.  Now that school is almost here, it’s time to move back to an earlier schedule.  If you have older children, this might be more difficult as you have less control over their schedule.  But for younger ones, get started about three weeks before school starts by moving their sleep time up by ½ hour, and their wake up time up by ½ hour.  Then the following week, move it up again.  Continue this until your child is sleeping and waking during the same hours they will be when school starts.

          Since summer is winding down, it might be time to wind your kids down and start their minds working again in preparation for school.  A few weeks before school starts, crack out the reading books and paper and pencil.  Spend 30 minutes during the day working on reading or writing.

          Physically preparing your children for school involves getting them the things that they need for school.  If you like to shop for school clothes in the summer, start this about one month before school starts to get in on the sales.  Retail outlets usually start their summer sales around this time.  Watch the ads and sales for the best time to go.

          If your school likes you to bring school supplies, watch for these sales too.  Again, shop early to ensure the best prices and best selection.  Getting your kids ready for school can be a challenge but it will make the transition back to school easier.


Making Science Less

                    Abstract for Pre-Schoolers

A simple experiment that can help pre-schoolers discover and enjoy the wonders of science.


Most childcare businesses supervise children for more than three hours a day, five days a week. Such long hours in care can have a serious impact on a child’s growth and development. Businesses that offer educational curriculums help children grow academically and help prepare them for school.

Science plays an important role in the learning process and should also be included as part of the curriculum. Science encourages pre-schoolers to ask questions, make predictions, and find answers to some fascinating questions. Here is an interesting experiment that can help teach science to pre-schoolers.

We came across ideas for this experiment on PBS Kids Website ( We tried it ourselves, at Young Achievers Inc., and it was an extreme success.


First, we had circle time with the kids and recited some classic nursery rhymes. One of the nursery rhymes was the age-old rhyme, Little Miss Muffet. After singing in our circle we asked the kids some questions about Little Miss Muffet. We discovered that they knew what Little Miss Muffet sat on, what she ate, and what frightened her.

We then posed a thought-provoking question to the pre-schoolers. “Can the curds be separated from Miss Muffet’s curds and whey?” The children responded with interesting answers. Their answers became our scientific hypotheses.

We documented all responses in large text on our chalkboard so that the children can see and value their predictions. We then headed to the kitchen "laboratory" to see whose prediction was true.


We had the kids sit at the table and measure the milk and vinegar portions for the experiment. They counted how many cups of milk were needed and how many tablespoons of vinegar to add. It was now time to blast the mixture into the microwave for two minutes. We recommend that an adult perform this part of the experiment to avoid placing children in harm’s way. After two minutes, the mixture was ready to be taken out of the microwave.

We allowed it to cool for several minutes and then the children compared two samples of the mixture before and after it was placed in the microwave. They observed that the mixture was lumpier after being heated in the microwave. The children then strained the mixture by using kitchen towels. What remained was a white, rubbery substance - the curds. They were excited.

They saw first-hand what Miss Muffet ate. Then they discovered through experimentation that curds can be separated from Miss Muffet’s curds and whey.


The children dyed the curds different colours using food colouring and made their own rubbery type of play dough. They loved touching the curds and feeling its texture. Some children even shaped the curds into cool looking dinosaurs and flowers with our help. At the end of the day the children were enlightened and had a great appreciation for science. They were all proud to show their parents what they had done. They were truly young scientists!


If you would like to try this with children at your childcare business we recommend the experiment for children ages 3 and up. The following materials are needed:

3 cups of Skim Milk

2 tablespoons of white vinegar

Microwave-safe bowl for mixing and heating

Kitchen towels for straining

Author: Nicole Brekelbaum


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Teen & Youth Obesity Exercise

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Understanding the problems that can be caused by being

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Kindergarten Secrets

      Oh, it’s time for kindergarten.  If this is your first kindergartner, you may not know what to expect.  Kindergarten varies from school to school, but here are some general principles that apply across the board. 

          Kindergarten assessment is done before your child begins school.  The teacher will do some testing to see where your child is at as far as learning.  As you watch this take place, you might feel like you are being put under the microscope.  “You didn’t teach your child the shapes for oval and rectangle?  He doesn’t know what the J sound makes?  Try not to take personally the responses that your child gives.  Everyone learns at a different rate. 

          Assessment will review colours, shapes, letters, writing, more & less, and other skills as applicable to the teacher.  Remind yourself that this is just a help for the teacher, and a way to gauge what your child has learned since they began.  During parent teacher conferences, the teacher will refer to the assessment to see where your child has progressed. 

          Prepare for homework.  Your child will have homework assignments, probably on a daily basis.  You will have to help with these.  Think of it as after school learning, and you are the teacher.  This is also a good time to start collecting magazines or newspapers, because you can be sure that you will have to start clipping out pictures that begin with the letters of the alphabet.


          Kindergarten is a great time for your child.  They will learn and grow so fast during this year.  They will make new friends and begin to discover more of the world around them. 

With your help,

this can be a successful year for them.


Avoiding Stress

As I write this article, I am juggling so many balls that I want to duck my head, expecting them to crash at any moment. I am the queen of stress.  As such, I’ve had a lot of practice dealing with stress and helping to keep it from driving me to the funny farm.   

          I try to let the little things go.  This is really big for me, because I want to control everything and every situation – because I can do it better.  I’ve had to let go of the things that really don’t matter so that I can devote my energy and focus on things that do. 

          I do a lot of deep breathing.  When you feel things getting out of hand and you don’t have a second to spare, that’s the time when you need to take a minute and stop.  Just stop.  Take a deep breath and stretch your arms up high in the arm.  Circle them around and stretch them to the sides.  Breathe in and out.  Then continue what you were doing, and you should find that it’s a little easier to deal with.   

          Get some help.  When you just cannot do it all, find others that can help you.  This is another area that is hard for me.  It goes back to the fact that I can do it best and I want it done my way.  Realize that other ways will work just as well and let someone help you. 


          It is so important that we watch our stress and make sure that it doesn’t take over.  Stress affects so many things in our bodies and controls how we interact with other people. 

Watch your stress levels and take care of yourself. 

Your body will thank you later.


Eating Healthy

Proper eating at home can make the difference in your child’s behaviour during the school day. If they have good nutrition at home it will give them the energy they need to get through the day and give their brain what it needs to think. 

          Children that don’t eat breakfast or don’t eat well can be too tired during the school day.  It is difficult to learn when you can’t stay awake.  Morning time can be a big rush out the door, but it is important to take the time for breakfast.   

          Stocking up on fast breakfast choices is easier than you think.  I usually cook a hot breakfast on the weekends and Monday mornings.  I make extra pancake batter for waffles or pancakes and freeze the cooked item.  I lay out each pancake or waffle flat on a cookie sheet until they are frozen and then toss them in a freezer baggie.  They keep their shape because they are frozen and my kids can pop them in the toaster for breakfast.  There are other ideas you can come up with to make breakfast easier.   

          It’s easy to provide a nutritious breakfast in the midst of the morning scuttle.  My kids usually fix cereal before I get up in the morning.  If this happens in your home as well, supplement the cereal with some orange juice or other fruit drink.  Add toast with jam or try some slices of fresh fruit with their cereal.


          There are many products on the market that make breakfast fast and simple.  Breakfast bars can provide many nutrients that are needed for healthy bodies.  Adding milk or juice can give an extra boost. 


           Make sure whatever you fix for breakfast will fill your child up until lunch and will give them the energy they need.


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Keeping your kids Healthy at School is vital for them and a total benefit for you at the same time.

There are so many ways that can help them through this period of their lives, from understanding what they require through what and how their eating habits can improve their health.

Then helping overcome any stress and nerves that might occur from time to time.

With involvement from you as the parent, you can help in their learning by becoming involved with developing their skills and activities which will increase their self-esteem.


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