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Skin Care

When you look at someone and try to determine how old they are there are various different areas that you will look at as signs of age.

You will look at hair colour and/or lack of hair. You will look at teeth discoloration and even such things as posture but there is one thing that will show a person’s age more than anything else and that is their skin.

Your skin is a mirror of your lifestyle and the choices you have made thus far in your life.

Discoloration and blotches are a sign of age and the way that hormones change over the years and also a sign of years of exposure to the sun.

Dry skin is a sign of dehydration and this can also lead to flaky skin and various other problems that people will associate with aging.

Dehydrated skin will also be more prone to wrinkles and add another factor to the aging process. The skin loses its flexibility as we age and good nutrition, water and the use of good quality skin care products will help to slow down the aging process and make you look younger.

By using good skin care products you can wind back the body clock and keep that area of the body that is so telling on your age in the best condition possible.

We all have different skin types, from oily to dry and all different combinations in between so it will often take some experimentation before you find the right products for your skin. There will be products that you might not be able to use due to various skin sensitivities and so on.

Once you find a product that suits your skin type it is wise to stick with it while it is working for you but always be aware that as you age you might need to change some of the products that you use simply because your skin will change with age and you will need to address changing aspects of it over time.


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Keeping hydrated is one of the most important factors in maintaining good healthy skin that will make you look younger and reduce the problems that many people face with their skin as they age.

It is not sufficient to expect applications of moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated - it must come from within first and foremost and then the moisturizers will add additional support to maintaining good skin condition.

To remain hydrated you need to drink sufficient water throughout the day. Tea, coffee and other beverages are not a substitute for water and many of these drinks can actually cause dehydration.

If you are feeling thirsty then you are already becoming dehydrated. You need to drink water on a regular basis, so you don't become thirsty and just because you might have heard that you need to drink 8 glasses of water per day you should be aware that drinking all the water at one time is in no way the correct method of remaining hydrated. 

Also - drinking excessive amounts of water can be detrimental to your health as it can flush out too many nutrients from your body that are necessary to maintain a healthy youthful appearance. 

Water is also a very good source of energy just as a lack of it will cause fatigue. When you have boundless energy you can't help but look younger and you will certainly feel younger which, at the end of the day, is the more important of the two.

Your skin will become lifeless and tired looking when dehydrated and you will be more susceptible to skin damage and wrinkles.

All other aspects of your health will be struggling when there is a lack of water and accordingly there will be other areas of aging that will be affected. 

What could be easier for someone looking to stay young than drinking water? Pick up a glass now and have a drink and have a water bottle with you at all times to make sure you get enough. Make drinking water a habit and your body will thank you for it by helping you to stay young.


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