Signs Unhealthy Eating Patterns



Understand the following eating habits and why they need to change to healthy habits;  

The Role Of Food towards your health.

Consequences Of Poor Nutrition that will ruin your well-being.

Obesity gained through the choices of too much junk and pre-package foods.

Hypertension and stress related to your choice of lifestyle.

Stroke caused by the consumption of wrong food types causing blood clotting.

High Cholesterol caused through too much sugary and un-healthy additives.

Gout caused by bad blood flow.

Cancer caused either by bad food choices or aggravated by the same foods.

Unhealthy Eating Patterns that start out small but eventually becoming over-powering.

Making Changes is the only way that we can all gain or re-gain our health and wellness.


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11 Signs Unhealthy Eating Patterns


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