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How Much Protein Should One Eat?

The perfect diet, which can provide the right kind of nutrition, is composed of a diet with rite combination of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Among all these components protein has a different and very essential role to play to keep the body in shape and make it strong. The main function of protein is reviving the dead tissues and enabling the growth of cells.  

Another essential function performed by proteins in body is making of hormones in the body and other serums required by the body. Proteins from plants are as nutritious as animal proteins. The total calorie intake should comprise of 20 percent of it. Proteins are made of essential and non-essential amino acids. 


A normal diet should contain 15-20% of protein. The intake of protein shouldn’t be more than 20% as suggested by the new researches. Protein contributes 4calories of every gram consumed by the body.

The right combination of essential amino acids as per the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) 1989 is: Isoleucine (10 mg), Lysine (12mg), Leucine (14 mg), Phenylalanine (14 mg), Methionine (13 mg), Threonine (7mg), Valine (10 mg) and Tryptophan (3.5 mg).

These are those amino acids, which the body needs but cannot make them and are thus only made available to the body from food intakes comprising of these amino acids. And the protein needed by an infant is Histidine (28 mg). These amounts of proteins are taken in accordance with the body weight, per kilogram of it per day, by the body. 


Requirement of protein depends on different factors like weight of the body, sex, age and the physical condition of the body. A normal human need for protein varies from that of the needs of an athlete or a body builder, or a person who is sick and lacks essentials required for a fit body. The body intakes essential amino acids that further help in making other non-essential amino acids required by the body to replenish the complete protein requirement of the body.  

The protein requirement of a body-builder is different from that of a normal workingman; the protein required by them is whey protein. Proteins from plants and from animals are the only outer sources of protein; milk has all the 8 different amino acids that the body requires for building muscles, hardening of bones and repairing cells. Eggs also provide complete protein, especially the white part of the egg.  


An individual should take proper amount of protein, because any lesser than that or more than that can affect the body functioning adversely, which may result in body discrepancies. The amount of proteins suggested by physicians all over the world and by Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) has been agreed universally as the right intake of proteins for individuals with normal physical needs.  

The right combination of protein should be the proper combination of proteins from vegetarian food and non-vegetarian food.

Vegetarian people are advised to take some dairy foods along with vegetables to keep the protein level in body at par.  

Dairy foods have high and good quality proteins in them.


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More on the Protein

                         Sparing Modified Fast

Due to the myriad kinds of diets in the market, is too confusing for the consumers to decide on which one to actually follow. One of the upcoming diets would be the protein sparing modified fast. The success rate of the protein sparing modified diet is quite high. Furthermore it is a very good diet program for diabetics. Here are more details on how you can go about with a protein sparing modified fast.


The protein sparing modified fast is a diet program that allows you to eat as much as you want and yet makes you lose weight at the same time. During the diet, you are allowed to eat as much as you want or everytime you are hungry. The only things you cannot eat would be anything with carbohydrates, sugars and dairy products.

You are allowed to eat protein such as beef, chicken, eggs, fish, seafoods and cheese. Make sure that you eat lean meat. Any method of cooking for the meat is allowed. You are even allowed to eat fried meat as long as there are no breadcrumbs.

Pork is not allowed in this diet because this is the least lean type of meat. You can eat veal, ostrich and all the other types of meat that are quite lean. Just do not eat pork.


For your drinks, you are not allowed to drink alcohol, carbonated drinks, sweetened drinks and milk. For those coffee drinkers and tea drinkers, you are allowed to drink them as long as your coffee is black.

You are not even allowed to put milk and sugar in your coffee. As for tea, you can only drink black tea, herbal teas and green tea. Make sure that you do not put any sugar or honey, too.


As for vegetables and fruits, you are not allowed to eat them during the duration of your diet program. Vegetables are complex carbohydrates so your body will still read it as an intake of carbohydrates. Fruits, on the other hand, have natural sugars. So your body will still be getting sugar, which it is not to have during this diet program.


During this program, your body will burn the fats stored in the body as there is a limited intake of carbohydrates. The rapid breakdown of fat would produce ketones.

This process is called ketosis. And during ketosis, you will lose the urge to eat more which is very helpful in making you lose more weight.


But one thing you must remember during this diet program is that you need to drink a lot of water. Large amounts of water in your body are stored with carbohydrates. But during this diet program, carbohydrate is limited and storage is depleted so dehydration would take place.

Because of this you need to compensate by taking in a lot of water.  

During the first two days, you might experience withdrawal symptoms as your body is reacting to changes. You might experience headaches, dizziness, nausea and fatigue. This may be a sign that you are dehydrated. So take in more water and get some sleep. If you experience constipation, drink more water to flush out the toxins.

You might also feel some body heat.

This is normal.

It is a sign that you are not hydrating enough.

As long as you hydrate yourself enough,

you will be just fine.


5 Ways To Make Protein Benefit You

Imagine this ... What if you could –

Increase the rate of your metabolism.

Burn more stored body fat.

Maintain more muscle mass by eating protein rich foods.

Calculate the correct amount of protein needed for your body.

Learn about the best food sources of protein.


As you are looking for ideas, here is proven nutrition information about how protein can benefit you.

  1. Are you aware that protein increases the rate of metabolism of your body because it is Thermogenic? - because it takes more calories to process protein rich foods and nutritional supplements.

“Thermogenic” refers to the normal Thermogenesis process your body goes through in digesting and using the food you eat and the burning of calories and fat from that food. i.e. - producing energy from the food you eat.

The body requires more calories to process or digest protein than it does to digest fat or carbohydrates. Thus your metabolism is raised by consuming protein rich foods.

For more information about Thermogenesis use your search engine such as google, yahoo etc. 


  1. Increase the rate at which your fat cells are able to burn stored fat!

You'll probably disagree with this, however...

Soy protein also contributes to the body's ability to burn fat because as you eat more protein your metabolism is raised and it enables your body to burn stored fat instead of storing more fat.

Dr. Robert Atkins - author of the Atkins diet, as well as Dr.'s Michael Eades and Mary Dan Eades - authors of the "Protein Power" books, all talk about the proven power of protein and the importance of soy protein in particular.

More about soy protein in a little bit...


  1. Maintain muscle mass by eating plenty of protein rich foods.

Realize that by eating more protein rich foods, you will maintain muscle mass and more muscle mass means you will:

          “Raise your metabolism burn more fat”

Understand that your muscle tissue needs protein to maintain itself and when your body does not get enough protein, one of the first places it will get protein is from your muscle tissue.

Let's also remember that one of the most important muscles in the body is your heart. You don't want to damage that muscle do you?

Remember, muscle is protein and protein is Thermogenic - When you do not eat enough or get enough nutrition, the body goes into a "starvation mode" and it will hang on to what it's got. That means it will hang onto fat stores as long as it can.

Since the body does not know when it will get more food or nutrition it is going to hang on to all the fat it has and begin to burn the protein found in your muscle tissue.

Eating less is not the best way to go because it starts to LOWER your metabolism and take away your ability to burn stored fat.


  1. Are you feeling hungry when changing your eating habits to a more healthy lifestyle?

Maybe you are not getting enough Protein. You might be wondering just how much protein do I need?

Dr.'s recommend that you get nearly your body weight in grams of Protein.

The average woman needs about 100 grams of protein every day. The average man needs about 150 grams of protein every day.

This is an average person who is moderately active. The more active you are the more protein you will need for your active lifestyle.

This is especially important if you are a person who works out several times a week. Protein and calorie intake are a concern when you are an active person who burns many calories (and potentially muscle) during a workout session.

Because it may be difficult to get enough protein without over eating, here are some suggestions to increase your protein intake while on your program.

Have you ever considered integrating a high protein (and preferably low carb) meal replacement shake into your daily diet? Whether you need to lose weight or not, nearly everyone can use more nutrition and protein in their daily diet.

Depending on your favourite shake mix, it could be anywhere from 9 to 18 grams of protein per shake and it will be loaded with vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Here is a suggested "Power Protein Shake" recipe:

Add 1/2 cup cold water and 3 Tbls of a High Protein low carb shake mix, to a blender.

Using the lowest speed blend the water and shake mixes together.

Then add 3 ice cubes, a banana or your favourite fruit and blend on a high speed for a special "Power Protein shake"!

More protein, fewer carbohydrates and calories than a regular shake mix made with milk or soy beverage are the benefits of the "Power Shake".

The "Power Shake" also helps to keep you feeling fuller and satisfied the during the day and will help you eat less while maintaining the benefits of a protein shake!

Another way to give your body more protein is to eat a High Protein Low Carb power bar which may have 8 - 15 grams of hunger fighting protein. These power bars always make a great snack.

Use this in combination with the Shake mix and your normal meal(s) to get all the protein your body needs each day!


  1. Do you know what one of the best sources of protein is? Many people say beef or meat in general.

These are great sources of protein, however are you aware that one of the best sources of protein is Soy Protein?

We won't have the time to go into all the benefits of soy protein here, however there are some important points to highlight.

Plant-based Proteins, like those found in soy, have been proven to help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and elevate good HDL cholesterol. This contributes to less build-up of bad cholesterol and helps prevent heart disease and clogged arteries.

This in turn helps prevent heart attacks and strokes. Products which contain soy protein may be able to carry the FDA approved "Heart Smart" symbol which means - "Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 25 grams of soy protein a day may reduce the risk of heart disease"

Animal Proteins vs. Plant-based Proteins

Animal Proteins like meat and dairy, can be loaded with saturated fat and cholesterol. This type of protein can elevate the LDL (bad) Cholesterol when it remains in your diet for long periods of time.

Over the years, high LDL cholesterol in the blood combined with elevated homocysteine levels can lead to heart disease and clogged arteries. This in turn can lead to heart attacks and stroke.

So, try to replace high fat animal proteins with better cuts of meat - preferably grass fed beef and plant-based proteins like soy.

Also, replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats like those in olive or coconut oil will help you avoid the negative health effects associated with high LDL cholesterol and saturated fats.

I know that reading this article has inspired you to take action.

When you follow these 5 tips, you may find that you can give your metabolism a boost and burn more stored fat because protein is thermogenic.

And because of this fact you can maintain more of your muscle mass by burning the protein you take in from food and supplements instead of burning the protein of your muscles.

Finally you will do your body well by taking in more high quality animal based protein and especially more soy protein which is good for your heart and circulatory system.

Author: Lee Cummings



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