Pollution Effect

This eBook tackles some of the most effective ways

that individuals can do to help

in having a fresher and cleaner air to breathe.


The Pollution Effect

The first step in combating air pollution is to determine its sources and effects.

Alternative Transportation

The next time you are going to travel,

consider using alternative transportation

and contribute to making the air cleaner.

Changing Your Driving Habits

You should combine your errands in a single trip when using

your car.

Using Air Friendly Products

Make sure that what product you choose for your vehicle

are eco-friendly products

Save Energy

Find a parts supplier that offers renewable energy sources.


Before throwing away things, try to determine first if you can

use them for other purposes.

Use Recycled Products

Take time determining the price of a recycled product

you are planning to buy and compare it

with its non-recycled counterpart.

Get Involved With Clean Air Groups

Clean air groups play a fundamental role in dealing with

environmental issues involving air pollution

What To Avoid

If you are just driving to a place around the block,

consider taking a walk or riding a bicycle.

The Benefits Of Clean Air

It is a privilege that allows you to enjoy what the 'World'

has to offer while allowing you

to get a dose of Clean Air!

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