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Obesity Isn’t The Only Problem With Today’s Youth

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Obesity In Our Youth Today

5 Simple Ways To Encourage Your Child


Obesity Isn’t The Only Problem

                               With Today’s Youth

Parents are desperately trying to lure their children away from video games and the TV for fear of obesity. Many children today are substituting good reads for TV remote and game controllers. Cindi Brown, a day-care owner expresses “Children who read at an early age seem more content with a good book and do not rely on TV and video games for entertainment as much as non-readers.”

Evelyn Petersen, author of 8 books for early childhood and parenting, a writer in newspapers for over 20 years, “Detroit Free Press” and “KRTN Wire” previously, as well as writing for weekly parenting columns for the “Nashville Tennesean”. Also has been published in “Children and Families" magazine comments “Many first grade teachers are noticing that children who stare at the TV screen for hours each day are often damaging the muscles in their eyes so they cannot “track” their eyes to left to right as you read.”

While many parents are often too busy to take time to read to their children, it is associated that “children who are read to, are children who read,” as commented by MaryAnn Kohl, author of over 15 books on creative art for children, and a columnist for many parenting magazines including Scholastic's “Let's Find Out.”

Early childhood reading is considered a key element in a child's success for their future. Sue Reszka has been teaching in preschools for 25 years and has found that “children that have the opportunity to experience books at a young age, have a much easier time when learning to read on their own. Reading to children at an early age helps them learn new words, relate the spoken word to the printed word, develop listening skills and an understanding of what words mean. Books let children experience whole new worlds, people, places and ideas. The greater the variety of experiences a child has, the greater the chances that he/she will succeed.”

While often children don't want to read books because their either consider to childish for their age or not entertaining enough, a current release from LH Publications and Productions has been found to entice readers of all ages while secretly unveiling a lesson or two in each story. Mysterious Chills and Thrills by author Laura Hickey is an anthology of spooky twists of fiction that weave the age old question of “what if” that many generations can apply to their own lives.

Mysterious Chills and Thrills shows promise to delight kids across the nation at a price to please parents. With book reviews such as “A young person's thriller written in their own language, 5 stars” and “Age appropriate for children six and up, these stories will have you chilled and thrilled!” from “Book Review Cafe”, Mysterious Chills and Thrills isn't your average sci-fi children's book. Funny, creepy and educational, it's a triple threat of a gem of a book for kids to start reading at a young age. This holiday season remember, good readers promote communication and SOLIDIFY important skills for life.

Author: Laura Hickey

source_url: http://www.articlecity.com/articles/kids_and_teens/article_87.shtml


Empowering Children

Raising a child is more than providing them with a home, food, warmth and clothes. It is also teaching them the life skills necessary to empower them and for them to be able to grow up and have rewarding lives. Empowering literally means to put in power or to cause power. So, what can you do to empower your children? Here are a few steps. 

  • Have faith 
  • Tell your children that you believe in them. For example, if they tell you that they are not sure that they will be able to pass their maths exam although they have tried studying, tell them that you believe in them and you are sure they will try their best in that exam. By telling these to the children, you are empowering them to keep trying. Sounds simple doesn’t it? The only problem is that we don’t do it enough.


  • Get them interested.
  • Increase their self-awareness and get them interested in the issues that they encounter every day. Ask them about how their day was and remember to listen to what they have to say. If something happened, you could ask them how they feel about it and what are they going to do about it. This is a great way of helping your child verbalize and understand their feelings. They are also able to articulate their opinions better.
  • Let go.  
  • You need to remember to let go. Fight the impulse to do everything for your child. By doing that, you are actually further handicapping your child. So, give them the space. If you just do everything for them, they will never learn. For example, you asked them to tuck in their bed, but the bed wasn’t done neatly. Tell them that it was a good effort and show them how to do it neatly. You also need to give them their own space to solve their own problem. You can help them but don’t solve it for them. Instead why don’t both of you sit down together and try to solve the problem together.
  • In conclusion, remember all these steps, because you are empowering a child today to become the future adult of tomorrow.

So, what are you waiting for?

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As an Adult it might have already started to inflict you and your body but do not fear as this can be reversed with an effort on your behalf.

As a child it is so much better to start as early as possible to stop “Obesity” before it really takes over their life and again even if this has started, you will find it a lot easier than being an adult too get back to where the youngsters physical should be.

The knowledge is here for you and your young to eliminate the chance of trying to grow older with the fear of “Obesity” hanging over your head (actually it might be a little lower)!

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How To Keep Your Child

                        From Becoming Obese

                                                      - Work At It

If you want to know how to keep your child from becoming obese, the best thing you can do is to lead by example. Teach them from an early age the importance of eating right and getting plenty of daily physical activity.

We are creatures that can be taught many things. Many of the things we like or dislike are actually just habits. If you teach your kids to like fruits, vegetables and to lead a healthy active lifestyle, they will. Of course, they will make their own decisions as they get older but that early training will set the stage for lifelong good habits.

One of the worst things you can do is to be a hypocrite. This is true not only with diet and exercise issues but with your overall lifestyle too. For example, if you are a smoker, it is ok to tell your kids they shouldn't smoke, but if you don't want to seem like a hypocrite you shouldn't just 'order' them not to smoke (which doesn't work anyway) it's much better to talk to them honestly about the dangers of cigarettes and how you wish you had never started, etc.

lead by example, always. It's also helpful to workout with your kids. From a young age include them in the activities that lead to a healthy lifestyle. Go to the gym together, take a workout or fitness class together, take martial arts or boxing classes together, go for a swim or play basketball together. Just get in the habit of spending time getting some exercise together.

You can also include them in the food planning. When they are old enough go through cook books with them and ask them to help you find new recipes to try. Let them come with you to the grocery store and teach them how to buy fruits and vegetables.

Go to farmers markets or health food and organic stores with your kids. The earlier you start these habits with your kids the more ingrained it will become (it's also a wonderful way for you all to spend time together).


Many of these ideas can help you set your kids on a path that will be the foundation for a life time of better lifestyle choices... and it can be fun too.

Always encourage your kids to try new things, to try things that are healthy and good for them. Sometimes parents inadvertently blow off their kids and their ideas without really meaning too. For example, if your kid comes to you and tell you they want to take martial arts lesson, don't laugh, instead encourage them to give it a try.

You may think that you are protecting them from being hurt emotional, but you can't go through life that way. You won't always be there and they may just be good at it. Even if they're not, you can still help them find something that will work for them.

It's easy to learn how to keep your child from becoming obese, the best way to do that is to be proactive and teach them good habits from the start.


Strategies To Raise Self Esteem

Self-esteem comes from having a sense of belonging, believing that we are capable and knowing our contribution is valued and worthwhile. What happened to you as a child may have shaped the person you are today. So how are you going to shape your child’s self-esteem for them to grow into healthy young adults? Here are a few strategies on how to raise your children’s self-esteem. 

  • Love them unconditionally. 
  • When you love your child unconditionally, it means you are accepting your child for who they are. Accept all their talents and limitations. Give them hugs and don’t skimp on the kisses. When you have to reprimand them, use positive words and never use a negative adjective such as dumb, stupid or ugly. Remember how when you were a kid, and somebody used that word on you? You felt hurt, didn’t you? So, don’t repeat that mistake again.


  • Be supportive 
  • Remember to always encourage your child to try something new. It could be trying a different food, making new friends or even signing up for a new sport. Although your child may not be successful, tell them that if they don’t give it a try, they would never know how it feels and they would have already failed without trying. Tell them that they can do it!


  • Don’t worry about the mistakes. 
  • When they are trying something new, there is a risk that they might make mistakes. However, the most important thing is whether they admit their mistakes and learn something from their mistakes. When they have a mistake, tell them that it is better to admit it and to try to take a lesson from that mistake. This makes it easier for your child to accept their shortcomings.


  • Resist comparisons  
  • Don’t compare your child to other kids. This will only make your child’s self-esteem go lower as they try harder to fulfil your expectation. Let your child know that you appreciate them for the unique individual that they are. Your child is more likely to value their uniqueness once you start doing that. In conclusion, you are the person who will determine your child’s self-esteem. So, do your best and try out all these steps.  

    The results will surely be worthwhile!


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Obesity In Our Youth Today

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5 Simple Ways

                           To Encourage Your Child

Children are at an age where they need lots of love and encouragement to grow up into healthy young adults. You need to encourage them to develop their own thoughts and opinions. So here are a few ways you could use to encourage your children. 

One of the first few things you could do is acknowledge their efforts. Most of the time, when we give our children household responsibilities we always forget to let them know that they have done a great job in it. If they didn’t perform their task very well, don’t go straight for the negative criticism. Tell them that they did put in a good effort and give a suggestion in a positive manner. A suggestion given in a kind tone will be taken more positively by your child. 

Secondly, when they have done something great, remember to thank them. This is positive reinforcement and will make them proud of the good things that have done. In addition, you are also cultivating good manners in your children by being a good role model yourself. 

Next, remember not to brush off their problem aside. How often when your children come home complaining about something, you just brush them off by saying that it is nothing? This would make your children feel that their problems are of a trivial matter and not worth their parent’s time. Next time, your children would not bother coming to you with their problem and they will try and suffer their problem in silence. Instead try listening to what your children has to say and be supportive of them.  

Furthermore, remember to tell always show your love to your children. Tell them that you love them all the time. Give them a hug or a good night kiss before they sleep at night. You would want to encourage your child to grow up to be loving, healthy adults. If you hardly express your feelings to them, your children may grow up being cold and unemotional adults unable to express their feelings. Your love will provide them the encouragement they need when they are sad or feeling discouraged. 

Lastly, remember to encourage your child’s imaginative side by having fun. Have activities together with them and let their imagination take charge so your adults will grow into fun loving adults.

So, what are you waiting for,

don’t wait till tomorrow

to start encouraging

your kids.

Start now!

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