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Obesity in Adolescents

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Obesity in Adolescents

Obesity and overweight are the second most major reasons of preventable deaths in America and increasing around the World. Stagnant lifestyle and junk food is to be blamed for more than three hundred thousand deaths per annum. The sad thing is that this problem is on the rise. Obesity is a chronic disease which poses serious health risk to the health of an individual. Also, obesity is the easiest recognizable medical problem, but is very difficult to deal with.


People usually confuse obesity with overweight. Overweight is gaining of a few extra pounds. A person is considered obese when the total body weight is minimum ten percent more than the recommended weight for his/her body structure and height. According to an estimate every year hundred billion dollars are spent on the obesity problem.

It is very important to treat the problem as early as possible. Obese children between the age of ten and thirteen have eighty percent chances of growing into obese adults, unless they change their ways and adopt a healthier lifestyle. The obesity problem starts from the age of five and continue till adolescence.


Obesity can be caused due to complex reasons including biological, genetic, cultural and behavioural factors. Usually a person gets obese when he/she consumes more calories than the body burns. Also there are fifty percent chances of becoming obese when both one of the parent is obese and when obesity has affected both the parents, the chances increases to eighty percent. One percent of obese people can have that fat because of health reasons, as obesity can be caused due to few medical disorders.

The causes of obesity in adolescence are overeating, family history, bad eating habits, little or no exercise, medical illness, low self-esteem, medications, depression, emotional problems, stressful life, and family problem.  


Obesity can cause many major problems. Some of them are diabetes, sleeping disorders, high blood pressure, breathing problems, emotional problems and increase in heart disease risk. Teenagers are more prone to get emotional problems. Because of the weight, they develop low self-esteem. They get into depression, obsessive compulsion disorder and anxiety.


Adolescents who want to tackle the obesity problem should approach a paediatrician who will thoroughly evaluate the cause. If no physical disorder is to be blamed, the weight is reduced by limiting the calorie intake and increasing physical activity. The doctor can advise a weight management program and change the eating habits of the teenager, slowly. The patient must avoid oily, fatty, fast and junk food. The potions must be reduced in order to decrease the calorie intake.

If the adolescent has developed emotional problems because of obesity, an adolescent psychiatrist can collaborate with the paediatrician in order to make a comprehensive plan for treatment. The plan includes reasonable goals, behaviour modification, family participation, and management of physical activity.


Self-motivation is extremely necessary in losing weight. Because obesity is more a family problem and not an individual problem, the whole family can switch to eating healthy food and exercising regularly. This can make the weight control program a success.

Parents can play a major role by boosting the self-esteem of their children by concentrating on their strengths and encouraging them, instead of targeting the weight problem. The whole family should eat meals together, instead of eating individually while watching a movie. This helps all the members to focus on the food and the quantity being eaten. If the teenager isn’t getting support from his family members, he/she can join support groups which can help towards the goals.


After the adolescent has lost weight, it is very important that he/she maintains it. In majority of the cases, people shift back to their old eating habits after losing weight. That is the reason why obesity is more of a lifetime issue. So the main aim of any weight loss program must be make the adolescent like healthy food.  

They must also be

made to exercise regularly,

irrespective of the weight.


Obese Teenager –

                    Your Overweight Teenagers

                                                         Can Be Helped

When it comes to being overweight, there probably isn't any age group that suffers more than teenagers. We all remember how tough the teenage years can be, add to that the stresses of being overweight and you can bet that being an obese teenager is something no one wants their kid to have to go through.  

We all know that there are many factors that are adding to the increase in obesity such as sedentary lifestyles and relying too much on unhealthy fast or processed foods. We are also all too aware of the health risks associated with being overweight.  The younger you are when you gain weight, and the longer you carry that extra weight, the more you risk getting some serious health issues later in life... and not that much later either.  Many obese kids start having serious health issues well before they reach the age of thirty.  

Some of the most common issues are heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and many emotional issues as well such as low self-esteem and depression.  

The good news is that there are things you can do to help your teenager get in better shape and learn to make better lifestyle choices. There are many weight loss programs that provide pre-packaged foods. While I'm not a huge fan of them since I worry what will happen when they go off the food plan, I do believe that it can be helpful for the busy family that simply doesn't have time to sit down for a good dinner every night.  It's better than fast food.  

Your doctor can also help you with finding a good nutritious food plan that the whole family can follow. You also want to encourage your teen to get more exercise.  This can be simply to make taking the dog for a walk an everyday part of their chores.  You can get a gym membership or some gym equipment for home.  You can hire a personal trainer to work with your kid.  And last, but not least, you can work-out with your kid.  The best way to help your kid learn better habits is to lead by example.  Show them that working out, while hard work, can also be fulfilling and help them get in better shape while feeling better about themselves.  

Teenagers will not generally confide in their parents if they are getting bullied at school, but if your kid is overweight, it's a pretty safe bet that they are having to endure at least a little bit of harassment. Even though they may not admit it, if you point out that these changes will help them lose weight, get healthier, and look better they may very well find the motivation they need to continue to make changes.  It's all about learning better habits like eating better and getting more exercise.  No need to make things more complicated than they have to be. Keep it simple and you can help the obese teenager in your life.


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Putting an End to Teenage Obesity

Researches state that teenage obesity is already increasing drastically. But, what really are the causes of teenage obesity? Are the parents responsible in their children’s overweight problems or the children themselves are the ones to be blamed because it’s their body and responsibility to stay fit, after all. Well, whoever’s fault it is, teenage obesity must be ended now to avoid complication and to avoid loss of self-esteem and self-confidence among children. 


Let’s take a look of the causes of teenage obesity. Overeating is one of the main reasons of becoming obese as well as having bad eating habits as it contributes more to gaining excess weight than losing some of it. Some of the bad eating habits are skipping breakfast, overeating at night and starving one’s stomach which also encourages overeating in the long run. Adolescents are fond of doing nothing but lie down and watch television the whole day or browsing the web all the time. Sedentary activities like these also promote fat deposition because there are no fat burning activities taking place at all when the body is at rest. The process of fat burning may be automatic even without exerting effort to burn calories but it’s not enough to burn all calorie intakes if sedentary activities are continuously done.  


Teenage obesity can be prevented. It is very important to do so in order to avoid complications. Prevention is just a simple task if strictly followed. The causes of teenage obesity can be reversed in order to prevent it. For bad eating habits, healthy balanced diet should be comprised of low calorie and low-fat foods. Foods that are high in fiber and water content are highly advisable to be consumed. Moreover, avoid too much sedentary activities. Limit yourself to just a few minutes of watching television or using computer. Instead, focus on physical activities in order to prevent teenage obesity. If you have a dog or a cat, take it for a walk at the park. Jogging, running or swimming could also be a great exercise. Perform at least 30 minutes to one hour of exercise a day. Exercise coupled with discipline in foods you eat will help you prevent teenage obesity.  

Society’s Help and Support

The family especially the parents are the most important people who will serve as key to the prevention of teenage obesity. It’s true that adolescents are hard headed, but parents are responsible for the actions of their children, right? After all, they are the ones who know their children so well. So, they have their own way of convincing their children to do something about their obesity. Role model must be the main attitude of parents. Parents should be the first ones to do the things they wanted their children to follow in order to have an effective and successful teenage obesity prevention.

Peers are important in the prevention of obesity, too. Friends should also exert effort in convincing their obese friend to follow the ways of losing weight.

Adolescents have the most complex life among all of us. This stage of life must be free from obesity because it might result to diseases in adulthood. There are a lot of complications that come with obesity.  

So while it’s still early, might as well prevent it. 

Prevention is indeed better than cure.


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