Nutrition & Health Benefits

Nature’s Perfect Food


All parts of broccoli can also be juiced,

including the stems, leaves and heads

Brussels Sprouts

Mom always said, eat your vegetables,

she was right

and that included Brussels Sprouts!


Spirulina is a power packed food that is inexpensive,

easy to obtain, and easy to store.


Buckwheat is a versatile and gluten free

and nutrient dense food

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds offer satiety, which helps you lower

food cravings between meals.


Wheatgrass a super plant food has been crafted

by nature to offer a host of health benefits

that will keep you feeling great.

These are all healthy, can be eaten in a number of different ways, with a variety of benefits, are easy to cook, and offers the body awesome minerals and vitamins in every serving.

For a comprehensive understanding of these perfect foods,


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