The Purpose of Kindergarten

Health Needs and Kindergarten

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Dads Role in Making Kindergarten Great

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The Purpose of Kindergarten

It’s pretty common when you are starting to prepare your preschool child for that first day of kindergarten for her to ask you, probably with tears in her eyes, “But Daddy, why do I have to go?” And while you have your parent answers to give her and you will obviously refocus her attention on how fun it will be and how it will be her next step toward “being a big girl”, you might ask yourself that question as well.  It’s important that dad and mom have a firm idea of what kindergarten is all about as well, so you can do a good job of preparing your little one for this big step in life. 

It is a mistake to see kindergarten as a huge academic leap into the future. When parents pour so much energy into preparing their children to excel academically before heading off to kindergarten, they miss the point of this important year of school.  Moreover, by “prepping” the child for school as though this first year was going to be their freshman year at MIT, you create even more stress and anxiety because the child begins to think they are going to walk into a situation of high stress. The result is the child goes off to kindergarten already stressed and far more anxious than is justified for this first step out of the home. 

Now this does not mean that preschool is not a good idea. Not only does preschool give the child an early love of learning, it is also an excellent way to help your child begin to acclimate to the idea of going to school out of the home.  And learning to go somewhere else and become part of an organized curriculum is a big purpose of kindergarten.  So preschool gently starts that transition both academically and emotionally. 

To a very large extent, the purpose of kindergarten is to help young children begin that transition to a structured environment of school. If by the end of this important first year, kindergarten children come to school happily, know how to work with a schedule, sit at desks, listen to speakers, write things down and take them home and then bring them back again the next day and walk through the structured schedule of a normal school day, that is a huge step forward in preparing your child for school life that will begin in first grade. 

Yes there is a curriculum in kindergarten and simple lessons are taught. Very often grades are not even kept, or a child is given a good or passing grade just for being in class, participating in the group activity and trying to work with the program.  The learning objectives that any kindergarten teacher will have for this year of life with these first-year students is heavily slanted toward behavioural and social goals and not as heavy on academics.   

The kindergarten teacher is a much different kind of teacher than any others your child will meet in his or her academic career. You will find your child’s kindergarten teacher to be very interested in each child as an individual and in helping your child make that transition away from living at home every hour of the day and toward using a significant part of their day at school.  Commonly kindergarten teachers have special training in child psychology and are as much counsellors and guides as they are teachers of lessons from books. 

Get to know the teacher of your child’s kindergarten class. You will find she is eager to know all she can about your child to achieve her goal of preparing each kindergartner for the more academic years ahead.  And if you are in sync with those goals, you can reinforce the experience your child is having with encouragement and interest at home. 

And working as a team,

you and the teacher will help your child have

a wonderful and successful first year in school.


Health Needs and Kindergarten

One of the fears parents often have of sending their children off to kindergarten is the exposure to a public place where the protection of the home is no longer possible. It is true that when your child goes to school with other children, the opportunities for illness and contamination are much more frequent.  But the value of being in school with others and the social and educational value mean that we as parents must prepare our children to begin to spend time in a public place and that we do all we can to help them stay healthy and safe each and every day. 

Part of preparing your child to stay healthy even in a public venue like kindergarten is to enlist the aid of your child’s paediatrician. She can make sure your kiddo is up to date on shots and that any vulnerabilities are well known.  A good check-up and getting all necessary shots before school starts will insure your child’s immune system is well equipped to deal with the additional exposure to germs. 

But you can also teach your child good hygiene habits at home and engrain them in her lifestyle, so they will stick with her even when she is at kindergarten and she doesn’t have you there to protect her. This includes good bathroom habits, an obsession with washing her hands as often as possible, being aware of others who are sniffing and who may not be taking good care of themselves to avoid contamination and using good table habits so the foods your child eats are clean and safe for consumption at lunch. 

Good lifestyle habits at home will benefit the child at school as well. This includes a well-developed schedule of getting at least eight hours of sleep each day and a regular diet of all the major food groups, particularly fruits and vegetables as these foods will give your child’s body the defences it will need to ward off illness if there is an exposure to germs.  Good dietary habits will be something that is taught as well as enforced at home.  You can send your child a lunch to assure that at least she is taking the right kinds of foods.  But the best defence is to make sure your child is aware of her own nutritional needs as it pertains to resisting illness, so she also eats well when getting food from the cafeteria and stays healthy and regular every day. 

You don’t want to send your child to school paranoid or afraid of other people. But some simple rules of how to interact with others in a way that is social but not risky should be part of your training as you raise the child.  Just as you know not to eat after someone else using the same utensil, not to eat anything that has been on the floor or not to eat anything that you don’t know the origin of, these are basic health rules that children may not know if they are not taught.  So be a conscientious parent and equip your child to avoid hazardous hygienic situations.  Even if they are innocent dangers, they are dangers none the less. 

The health preparations for kindergarten includes things parents can control at home such as check-ups, getting good sleep and nutrition and going to school healthy and clean. But they also include things you teach your child, so she can keep herself safe and healthy even in the middle of a large group of other kids. 

By giving her these skills from the first day of school going forward, you are doing your job as good parents to assure she is ready for school each and every day from kindergarten all the way through to college graduation.



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Getting MOM

                       Ready for Kindergarten

 When that first day of kindergarten is approaching, every effort is put against getting the youngster heading out on his or her first big adventure out of the home. There is a lot to do. Between meeting with the teacher, buying clothes and school supplies and preparing the little one for the big challenge of being away from mom and dad for a few hours to a day at school, it’s a big step for the kiddo and for the family. 

But what is often overlooked in this rush to prepare for kindergarten is there is a very important participant in the process who also needs to do some preparing.

That person is mom.   

When you think of it that five years from the birth of that angel from heaven until he or she walks out that door for kindergarten is a pretty intense period of closeness and bonding. For virtually every waking minute of those years, mom is aware of that child, helping her, taking care of her and keeping her safe and healthy every step of the way. 

Now the time has come to let that little one be away from home every day for several hours a day and start the road toward independence. Mom wants the right thing for her child and beginning the move to be her own person is the right thing.  But there are a lot of emotions and mixed feelings that a mother goes through even in getting the little guy or gal ready for kindergarten much less on the day you let that child go off to start that uphill road toward higher education and success. 

One of the people who can do a lot to help mom get ready for this big day is dad. If he is a sensitive dad, he will be aware that there is going to be a lot of anxiety and worry along with good old selfish desire not to let that kiddo leave the house.  But dad can be the voice of reason for mom and for that kindergartner as both cope with the new way of life.  By gently counselling mom that the road to independence is what will make that child a successful young person and eventually a healthy and well-adjusted adult, that logic can filter its way down to the emotional system and start to convince the heart that the head in this case is right. 

Other moms who have gone through this before are also a tremendous resource of comfort and advice for how to get through that separation, especially those first few days and weeks when the house seems empty and far too quiet. The friends can counsel that mom on how to fill that time, on things she can do to ease the anxiety like volunteering at the school and on the wonderful victories that the family will celebrate together when the little one comes home from kindergarten full of excitement about what she learned that day. 

There are a lot of ways moms can get involved with the school to help out. That energy being felt in emotions that you are going through because of the change can be energies for good to benefit the school and to support your kids while they are in class learning to become good students.  There are programs like Moms in Touch and volunteer organizations to benefit the library, to raise funds for new furniture and equipment for the school and to help teachers buys supplies. 

If you channel those good energies of love and caring that used to be used only to take care of that one child toward good causes like this, the school will benefit and so will your child’s teacher and her class. So in a way you are continuing to nurture and care for that baby by nurturing the environment that is making her a better person.  And that is a good way for mom to get ready for kindergarten before the little one goes off to school and each and every day of this important year in your child’s life as well.


Dad’s Role in

                   Making Kindergarten Great

In the traditional family structure, the role of father is clearly unique. Perhaps it is because dad goes off to work and comes home with that big booming voice or maybe it’s that he is a soft touch for ice cream or an extra ride on the Ferris Wheel at the State Fair, but dad has a special place in the hearts of the kids.  He is both the voice of authority and sometimes the voice of wise counsel when children need someone to guide them and direct them. 

On the other hand, it is mom who is there every day, guiding every event, making sure the children are safe and cared for. Both jobs are crucial and beloved by the kids, even if they don’t know it or say so.  So when the time comes to get your little one ready for kindergarten, it may be that both parents can have a big role in this transition as well. 

There is no doubt that in terms of the physical preparations for kindergarten, mom is a big decision maker. The clothing that your new student will wear, buying the right school supplies and even buying the extra things that will be needed in the classroom are all good jobs for the primary shopper in the family which is often mom.  But if you can get dad in on the act particularly in the mental and emotional preparations for kindergarten, that can be a huge help because he can use his mentoring role to give the child permission to begin to accept this big change. 

This is especially true in the case of dad’s little man. A young boy often idolizes his father and admires him as a hero because dad is brave and able to go out and conquer the world each day.  When the family goes on the trip, it is dad who is leading the way, slaying the dragons along the way, saving the fair maiden (mom or sis) and hunting food for dinner (paying at the restaurant).  In the child’s imaginary world, dad is a combination of mighty warrior, master hunter and mighty wizard.  These are some powerful images that you can tap to help that little guy see himself as ready to the big adventure of going off to kindergarten on his own for the first time. 

If you can get dad to be the one to drive that slightly frightened little one to school, he often knows just what to say to change fear into excitement and to motivate his son or daughter to want to go in there and do great to make dad proud. That is the nature of the father’s role in the lives of his children.  So why not use it to help your child through this very important day in his or her early childhood development? 

Very often dads have a special bond and a special language they speak to their sons. To an outsider when dad says, “Get in there and be a man” to his little boy, that may sound harsh and not nurturing.  But what the little guy hears is, “I know you can do it.  When you go to kindergarten like a man, you are being a brave warrior like daddy.”  And that is just the right language to motivate that little guy to face his fears and go to that first day of kindergarten and be a big success to live up to that strong affirmation and high expectation of daddy.


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