Healing Inner Child

Healing the Inner Child

As a Parent you have gone through this problem yourself and now it is time to help the younger members of your family to understand and overcome.

Whatever you are today is the outcome of your problems, strengths, habits and level of self-esteem. In every age, from birth to infant and child to adolescent, you have met distinct challenges.  If the people around you raised you in a natural and healthy way, you will turn out into a well-balanced and strong individual. However, if your youthful experiences are filled with traumas and problems, these past incidents will extremely affect the way you are today. To understand this topic, you have to understand the concept of inner child.

Inner child is your friendly, joyful, emotional, feeling, playful, excitable, and feeling side. This condition varies depending on your mood and energy level.  Sometimes, you will feel indifferent depending on the current situations of your outer life.

In This Book, You Will Learn:

               Healing the Inner Child Basics

                The History of the Healing the Inner Child Movement

               Carl Jung’s Contribution

                 Understanding the Spiritual Connection

               Understanding Why We Are Here


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