For the True Lovers of Coffee

Trials and Tribulations of Coffee

For the True Lovers of Coffee

Learn the history of how Coffee became a refreshing and revitalizing drink.

Coffee is a beverage, served hot or with ice, with or without cream and sugar

Nothing perks up a lazy morning like coffee.

The second-most traded commodity in the world, next to petroleum


Making coffee is one of the easiest things in the world

An Americano is just a normal coffee: coffee, hot water and milk on the side.

A cappuccino is coffee, milk, and frothed milk, usually with chocolate sprinkles on top.

A latte is milky coffee in a glass, and

A mocha is the same thing with chocolate.

A macchiato is coffee with frothed milk on top.


Information about Good and Bad Caffeine addictions.

Numerous recipes for those varieties of flavourful Premium Coffees.

The health benefits of coffee

Coffee reduces risk of diabetes

Find the knowledge, history, tips and delightful recipes for your quest towards gaining more appreciation for your desire to enjoy your Coffee, HOT or COLD.


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For the True Lovers of Coffee

                                           Time to brew-up the facts and to enjoy your Coffee

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