Foods That Aren’t Healthy

18 Foods That Aren’t as Healthy As You Think


Just as all that glitters is not gold, some "health foods" are actually not as healthy as you might think. Some are even downright unhealthy

A long list of processed chemicals and preservatives,

Reading food labels here is extremely important

Countries that drink milk have higher instances of osteoporosis than non-milk drinking countries.

A single slice of wheat bread can pack as many as 60 or 70 calories, and can contain unhealthy ingredients.

Sulphur in matchsticks joins loads of sugar to help preserve some dried fruit products

Olive oil is good for you. But when it is overheated, it becomes a cancer promoting carcinogen

All fat-free means these days is sugar-packed and preservative-filled


The more processed a food is, the worse it is for you.

Don't believe everything you read.

Just remember that there are dozens of different words for sugar, mono-sodium glutamate and other unhealthy food additives.

Plus: Dangerous 4 Killer Diets

That you need to understand the possible dangers before trying!

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18 Foods That Aren’t As Healthy As You Think

Introduction: What is a Superfood?

1 - Some Quinoa Foods  2 - Milk  3 - Low Fat and Reduced Fat Peanut Butter

4 - Wheat Bread  5 - Granola  6 - Soy and Tofu  7 - Dried Fruit

8 - Bran Muffins  10 - Olive Oil When Cooked at High Heat

11 - Light Salad Dressing  12 - Store-Bought Smoothies  13 - Fat-Free Anything

14 - Vitamin Enriched Water  15 - Energy Bars  16 - Multigrain Anything

17 - Sushi  18 - Fish Sandwich 


Plus: Dangerous Killer Diets

The Kimkins Diet - Breatharianism

Red Bull Diet - The Cotton Ball Diet

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