Exercise Tips For Elderly

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Moderation and regular exercise are beneficial. Remember that you'll reap the most benefits from exercise done in moderation. Moderate, regular exercise is an essential part of any osteoporosis treatment program.

Regular exercise will provide the greatest degree of benefit for seniors. Most individuals get more out of their senior fitness programs when they exercise regularly (3 to five times a week) and when they incorporate different forms of training into their routine. Seniors will also benefit from such a regular but broadened fitness program.

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Exercise can help prevent bone loss, even in individuals already suffering from osteoporosis. A sedentary life style promotes the loss of bone mass and, for several years, doctors and scientists have been educating younger individuals that they can prevent bone loss through a calcium-rich diet and regular activity, including weight-bearing exercise.


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Recent research suggests that individuals with existing osteoporosis can also benefit from exercise because exercising regularly not only cuts down the rate of bone loss, it also conserves remaining bone tissue, reducing the risk of fractures.

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                     Exercise Tips

                  For The Elderly



It's crucial that individuals of all ages get the right amount of exercise daily.

However, it's particularly crucial that senior men and women also engage

in regular exercise in order to maintain suitable health and fitness.

 Chapter 1:

Examples for Exercise for Strength, Flexibility, and Balance

Chapter 2:

Moderation and Regular Exercise Are Beneficial

Chapter 3:

Decrease Your Chances

Chapter 4:

Why Else is Physical Activity Important

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