Complete Body Detox

Are You Sick and Tired


Feeling Sick and Tired?


Here’s what this is all about: and Calvin has developed a Complete body detox program called

12 Steps To a Complete Body Detox -

A Natural Path To Superior Health

that will walk you through the process of a complete body detox, creating superior health that will bring you energy and youthful vitality. ($89 value):

Are you seeking answers to:

  • Major or minor health issues or
  • Just plain sick of feeling tired and lethargic or
  • Overweight or
  • Do you just want to lift your health to another level but find there is something holding you back and you just want to feel vibrant and energetic no matter what age you are?
  • Does your mind and attitude hold you back from taking the necessary action towards better health?

Most illnesses don’t just develop overnight; they form from many years of your body being overburdened with toxins that affect the immune system. This Optimum natural health program, gives you 12 simple steps that will boost your energy and health to levels you have not felt before and prevent illnesses from developing.

“Your Program has turned my life around”

Your book "12 Steps To A Complete Body Detox" Is fantastic, I did not realise the impact toxins were having on my body, the information in your book has made me so much more knowledgeable and helps me make better choices for my health. In just a few months your Program has turned my life around. My liver function tests are now normal, my cholesterol has dropped and my headaches, stomach pains and bloating are a thing of the past. Thank you, Calvin.

Cindy Grant, Gold Coast Australia

 “My friends come to me for advice”

I just had to send you an email and tell you your program is fantastic, my friends cannot believe how much I have changed, they say I look years younger and the knowledge I have is so powerful my friends come to me for advice and I actually are able to help them. I have recommended your book to them and they are now following your detox program also.

Keep up the great work.

Jim Hill, NY USA


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For Calvin this is the Team from Growing Gracefully Older