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The Sounds of the Baby Boomers Era

It is a fact that music is one of the best ways to relax. After a long day at work, you have to have something that can completely unwind the stress you accumulated in the day. By listening to music, you will surely relax and get that much needed rest. Listening to music is also a great way to get your mind off things that adds to stress.

In fact, researchers have found that people who listens to music while working or after working tends to be more efficient in work than people who don't listen to music. It suggests that people who listens to their favourite music tends to concentrate better when they are working.

This is why music is an important part of culture around the World. Many people listen to music to divert their attention and concentrate on what they are doing. Some people listen to music while they workout in order to enjoy working out more and perform much better, some people listen to music in their homes after a long day at work to relieve stress, and some people listen to music while they work in order to concentrate on what they are doing and be more efficient.

So, why is it that listening to their favourite music tends to have a positive impact to people? It may be because music blocks out ambient and stressful sounds in the environment, or maybe because music lets people enjoy themselves while they work, therefore, making them more productive.

If you enjoy Rock + Roll music, or the Motown Sounds, you should consider getting classical CDs that contains music from the baby boomers era. The baby boomers era is filled with rich classical music that paved the way to the music that you know and listen to today.

There were so many variations of popular music in the early Boomer's time such as Rock & Roll, Country, Ballad's, Jazz and at times these all inter-mixed on the Hit Parades around the World.

At times these early stars moved from one type of music to another and back again so that at any time you could of had the same star showing up on the Rock Hit Parade and then on the Country Charts.

But it did not matter if you particularly liked a certain star you followed them.

If you enjoy the music of The Beatles, then you are also in the right era, the baby boomers era. The baby boomers era is also filled with music that is considered as the "hippie music". Songs by John Lennon and other famous artists that are inspired by peace and the war in Vietnam is also in the baby boomers era. However, if you prefer great classical Rock + Roll music in the baby boomers era, you should get music CDs by the Ramones, Led Zeppelin and other rock music icons in the baby boomer era.

The early Boomers were privileged to have singers such as Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis, The Everly Brothers and so many more belting out the Rock and Ballads at that time.

The baby boomer era is definitely a great era filled with great music from classical rock to easy listening music. Acoustic rock music is also popular in the baby boomer era. For example, artists such as Simon + Garfunkel, Boz Scaggs, Joni Mitchell, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and a lot more.

If you enjoy smooth jazz, you can enjoy jazz from the baby boomer era, such as Sade, George Benson, Spyro Gyra, Dave Koz, The Rippingtons, and more. Rhythm and Blues was also very popular in the baby boomers era. Artists such as Motown, Sounds of Philadelphia, and Memphis are one of the most popular R+B music in the baby boomer era.

Indeed, the baby boomer era is an era where modern music started. Many people enjoy this timeless music by great artists who have become legends today. In fact, the music you hear today, either rock or R+B music was influenced by music from the baby boomers era.

Music CDs from the baby boomer era is still available in your local store. In fact, with the technology available today, you can get your baby boomers era LP vinyl disc converted into digital format and burned into CDs. You can get your LP to play again by rerecording it into CD format.

There are so many artists that came out during the baby boomers era. If you are a music fanatic and one who enjoys classic Rock and other music from the baby boomers era, you should get a CD that has music from the baby boomers era. You will truly appreciate it and you will surely enjoy listening to it wherever you are.

These timeless classics are indeed one of the best music that you can ever listen to. It is relaxing and it will virtually take you to the time where these artists became famous up until they became legends in the music industry.

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Baby Boomer Retirement

To date, baby boomers ages range from 50s to their 70s. This means that the baby boom generation is on its way to exit the labour force of the country.

Baby boomers are offspring’s of a healthy, erudite (well learned) and bounty living. Because of this, they have reshaped the perspective of growing old by reinventing themselves to pursue a new passion.

Because of the distinctive characteristics of baby boomers, they have caught much attention and are the subject of studies and surveys. As for one thing, baby boomers belong to an influential generation that significantly affects the country’s economy.

In an investigation conducted to find out how baby boomers foresee retirement, here are some of the key findings:

For baby boomers, retirement is an opportunity to devote themselves to the family and to enjoy their leisure time by pursuing their interests and hobbies. However, they view retirement as a chance to empower their skills and find another career apt for their age.

Baby boomers seek for both personal and career fulfilment that this becomes a driving force for them to prepare and plan for retirement. They cling to social security by accessing health and life plans.

Baby boomers yield an optimistic generation with conservative financial expectations.

So, compared with their parents, baby boomers are far likely to be continuously working while enjoying their leisure. Comparatively, baby boomers made more money than their parents.

Tracing back to the annals of history, the economies has predominantly prospered since the baby boomers matured to enter the labour force. Historically, they were considered to be the prime source of the work force. But now that there is the expected demographic declination of baby boomers, the prospects labour shortages that must be remedied all at once. Otherwise, this will inflict dire consequences to the economy.

However, there are some solutions to address the foreseen labour shortage by targeting the other variables that affect the demographic landscape. Organizations and companies can consider retaining the older workers, correcting the gender imbalance in work designations, outsourcing and hiring immigrants.

When the baby boomers entered the labour force, the economy had grown faster than its overall population. And the impending decline in the participation of baby boomers to service will reflect to a slower rate of labour force growth as well as to the economy.

To make up for the threatening flux of baby boomers' contribution to work force, they must be encouraged to remain in service for a longer span. To encourage the aging baby boomers to stay in the labour force, companies and organizations should consider the following:


In the years to come, age retirement of the recipients of Social Security pension shall eventually be raised to 67 or even further for the baby boomer generation. With this attraction, baby boomers will likely to continue working over the age of 66 to avail full benefits of their pension.

The next course is defining the pension privileges that will offer more pay for those who stay longer in the work force. Instead of the specific age requirement, the span of work as the basis for the Social Security pension will encourage the aging baby boomers to work longer.

Since baby boomers enthusiastically prepare for their retirement, these offers will boost their will to stay in the labour force. The aforementioned courses will render mutual benefits for both the companies and the baby boomers.

As the company understands the effect of the baby boomers' retirement, they can thoughtfully prepare the upcoming adversities to the labour rate. These companies and organizations involving the baby boomers must start their investigation on how to customize their system to accommodate the aging employees. And they can find better alternatives to ride the crest of the demographic wave caused by retiring baby boomers.

And learning the distinctive characteristics and views of the baby boomers towards retirement is a good strategy to learn how to deal with the circumstances.

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Toy Makers Target

                           Baby Boomer Grandparents

Today, the baby boomers which once enjoyed their childhood on classic toys are now grandparents who pass the tradition to their grandchildren. They comprise a large number of the population that are spending their money on purchasing toys for their grandchildren. This trend gives toy manufacturers big profits.

According to the survey, people ages 50 years old above controls 70% of the Western Worlds’ wealth. It was also revealed that grandparents spend 500 dollars each year per grandchild. Collectively, the total amount spent by grandparents on their grandchildren will be 30 billion dollars annually. Mostly, 25% of toy purchase comes from grandparents.

Every year, their group continuously increases. Those born during the 1957 period comprise the largest population of grandparents. It was recorded by demographers as the highest birth-rate period. They shared common things like passing their childhood legacy to their grandchildren. It is also their way of bringing back old memories to stay young.

Boomers grandparents have their own categories for toys. They show interest with learning toys which promote creativity in music and art, nostalgic toys.

The strategy of Sababa Toys is bringing classic toys back once again. They develop nostalgic ways in attracting boomer grandparents. Their products include wood puzzles, Grandparents' Treasure Chest scrapbook, and matching gifts like 'Big Brain Academy' stretching the brain power of kids and 'Brain Age' keeping the aging boomer's memory sharp.

Baby boomers came on their grandparenthood stage with a unique history. Some even said that boomer's parents are experiencing depressions caused by the World War II. As a result, they wanted to give everything to their children. But now, children and grandchildren of baby boomers have the best of everything. So, their reason for giving toys as gifts to their grandchildren is simply to create an unforgettable memory.

Boomers always appear contradictory. Some wanted their grandchildren to be more achievement-oriented while others give more emphasis on education. Baby boomers have gone to college with expansive horizons given a privilege idea that everything is possible. They instil this principle to their grandchildren. Baby boomers grandparents are more technology savvy compared to previous generations. They are comfortable in purchasing modern electronic gadgets during this era.

Some boomer grandparents personally choose the toys they give. They realized that children today want Internet games, CDs and iPods. However, they don't encourage the purchase of these technological advancements because they just get it anyway. As much as possible, boomers wanted their grandchildren to experience the same childhood they did. They explored the outside environment, played social games, and rode bikes with their family.

The parents of these kids are giving them toys that would help them in their education. But boomer grandparents want to infuse learning in a different way. They want their grandchildren to cultivate their awareness of the world's beauty and global issues. Quality time is given to their grandchildren ensuring that they would enjoy the moment together. During birthdays and Christmas, they would buy educational toys like science project kits

Baby boomers grandparents are the targeted buyers of toy industries. It is due to their money and care for their grandchildren. They are perhaps the group who spends their money powerfully throughout the history.


Baby Boomer Values

                               Shapes Their Own Lives

The baby boomers generation lived within a set of values. These values must be identified to challenge, correct and criticize them. Their attitudes towards the specific areas of their lives including relationships, beliefs, world events and politics form their value system. This system helps them to react and act on various circumstances either in positive or negative ways.

Baby boomers obtain these values from their parents, teachers, peers, and media. The world shapes their values in a very dynamic and fluid way to what they have become today. Most baby boomers form their basic system values during the early years of their lives. Before they have reached 25 years old, their formulated values still lingers on them since the 1960 turbulence.

However, the baby boomers generation has defied categorization where they refuse to conform to their elder's tradition and values. This is also true in terms of politics. As they ages, boomers are predicted to drift rights about their political values. Moreover, the latest studies shows that boomers stay as independent thinkers not committed to a single set of beliefs or values about politics. They are divided into ruthless ideological lines where their parents fail.

Baby boomers values remain extremely variable and virtually impossible to determine. They are too far more different compared to their predecessors and very sensitive to issues about politics. The generation prior to them is party-loyal thus following the lead of their parents. Boomers wanted to see every angle of the issues clearly upon their terms where political views are combined simultaneously, being conservative on several issues while liberal on others.

The surveys revealed that 74% favoured environmental regulations, 55% favoured the research on stem cell, 26% supported gay marriage, and 57% supported legal abortions. In addition, 4 out of 10 boomers admitted that they tend to be more conservative on politics as they age, 70% supported death penalty, 75% favoured school prayers, and 65% agreed on curbing civil liberties due to terrorism.

Baby boomers also consistently split important matters on political candidates, key issues on the positions as well as personality. Some commonalities are apparent on most boomers. They are disappointed with the dual political systems and their government because of relying on their judgment upon making important economic and social decisions. 56% believe that their country will be benefited from a well-built third party and 32% trust their government for doing what is supposedly right. They also confront what the GI generation believes to be very important like military service, tax payments, and political issues assessment.


There are two important factors in shaping the values of boomers. First is how they were raised. Their generation was placed and doted in the limelight because they are the first generation after the World War II. They were given lots of opportunities compared to their parents. This directed them to become extremely concerned on their own interests. They rated issues according to what it will give to them. An issue must not be marked as liberal or conservative as long as it will favour their personal desires or needs effectively. Baby boomers in this kind of thinking cannot be generalized as the former hippies who have taken recreational drugs at Woodstock.

The second was the nature of generation. Baby boomers generation span for 18 years. It could emphasize that both parents and their children might be technically baby boomers. Diversity of views towards different issues is highly different.

Presently in the US, baby boomers have the highest share in the cultural, political, academic, and industrial leadership class. They are referred to as the generation for cultural factors. Boomers have always had to seek improvement on their society through their children which they considered as their parent's greatest failure.  

They are the best-known hippies and counter-cultural generation but their conservatism associated with music became more normal to them.

Boomers are like other past idealist generations who have ardent passion for social and personal improvement.

Although their expressions of such passions changes, the intensity stays until they are out of their prominence age.

The major sources which formed their values come into action, however weak signals that sometimes are added on their established values also makes a difference.


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