A Look At Obesity

To quote the American Obesity Association's words,

"It is now recognized that obesity is a serious, chronic disease.

No human condition - not race, religion, gender, ethnicity or disease state 

compares to obesity in prevalence and prejudice,

mortality and morbidity, sickness and stigma."


Just look at some of the problems that can and are being caused by obesity:

Hypertension - Diabetes (Type-2) - Coronary heart disease

Stroke - Gallbladder disease - Osteoarthritis

Asthma - Sleep apnea and respiratory problems

Some cancers (endometrial, breast and colon)

High levels of cholesterol

And that is not a complete list of all of the problems associated with Obesity!

Or even anywhere near a total list of further complications that can and are caused by Obesity.

Diabetes is another huge problem for overweight people and the sad fact is that it is largely preventable.

Discipline as to what you eat can help plus some form of exercise.

Avoiding junk food and fast food must be done with a discipline.

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A Look At Obesity

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