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Hello and thank you for reading.


My name is Lawrence S. Mills and with our Team we hope to be able to offer, within this series, you and your loved ones, some hints and suggestions towards a healthier life and lifestyle that we all deserve.

At this stage of life, I am 73 years of age (older than some and not as aged as others might be), as with everyone life has had its ups and downs.

As with most my early life was reasonably fit and well but from the late 40’s things progressively deteriorated;

Weight increased to a massive 135kgs (298lbs 21st4lbs), on the way to the Goodyear Blimp Man! Lethargic and no energy was an understatement as to how I felt at this time.

Not a proud feeling when I finally understood the way I felt and looked!

It was at this time I started to turn my life around and headed towards a healthier lifestyle by reducing my reliance on pre-packaged junk foods and replacing these with healthier home cooked meals with vegetables or salads.

But another problem raised its ugly head that was caused earlier by being young and ignoring warnings about the problems that the sun can cause, this happened by not covering up and failing to do any skin protection of any kind!

The sun got its revenge and I ended up with a growth on my right ear which then progressed down to the right side of my throat.

Being sent to a specialist which resulted in a golf ball sized lump taken out at the doctors surgery (looked like a perfectly round piece of white coral) and then a follow up operation in hospital which removed all of the muscles in my right hand shoulder plus the removal of 298 Lymph Nodes from my neck and then ray treatment for a couple of months. I’m glad to say that there was no chemo-therapy involved.

At this time I was given 6 months to live, now over 10 years later, I think they might be a bit wrong with their forecast, glad to say.

I honestly put the longevity down to the changes with what I had been eating before and the change in how I also changed my lifestyle.

My weight as I mentioned earlier was 135kgs (298lbs 21st4lbs) now it stands at just under 90kgs (232lbs 14st2lbs) which means that I have lost the equivalent of 45kgs (131lbs 7st.2lb) now that’s a relief!


Please read on, as we see this as a relief to your (possible) problems that you or yours might be facing now or into the future.


As we age our body and our minds seem to use the excuse of “Old Age” as an excuse to relegate our active bodies and minds to the back burner and slowly grind to a virtual stop.

 We let ourselves start to vegetate, sitting around our homes, feeling that doing nothing is the way to live the rest of our lives.

Well we are here to tell you that, that is not life and that life is meant to be lived and lived with enjoyment, fulfilment and love to give and receive from your loved ones, your family and friends.

What we are trying to do is to offer help for you to get over this hurdle of complacency and feeling the lack of vitality that is pulling you down in the quagmire of nothingness and loneliness.


What is needed to bring you and others back towards a much fuller life is the ability to receive the information and health tips and that is what we are offering you here, the ability of changing what and how you are doing to yourself right now.

Even though this seems to be primarily aimed at Baby Boomers by Baby Boomers you would find that what we are covering is applicable to virtually all age groups and can be used as such.      

Age is not a barrier for getting back what has been lost or stolen from you!

            All that is needed is the willingness to attempt the rescue.

 I believe that my team and I can possibly help with the rescue attempt with our suggestions and reports that we have available throughout our site.

Within future issues there will be information on how to improve the way that you see yourself with an improved and fitter body, healthier dieting and a more fun lifestyle.

As we develop our site we will cover items concerning the aging body, weight loss, dieting, healthy foods, the heart, cancer, diabetes, obesity and many other items concerning your quality of health that we all need to know about.

Naturally we will include talks about recommended diets, nutrition, supplements along with which are the healthiest foods that will help in maintaining a healthy body plus as well foods that help to fight some of the major illnesses that are on the increase all around the World.

Hopefully some enjoyable humour/humor (depends which side of the big pond’s you come from) e.g.

Son: Dad, what's vice?

Dad: That's drugs, prostitution & gambling. Why?

Son: School made me Captain of it!

We promise they will not all be this corny!!

Included will be health reports and stories from around the World That should or could be of some interest to you as you seek to improve your health and lifestyle.

Also within the future issues there will be some free downloadable PDF’s (e-books) with further information towards gaining or retaining your health.

Plus some products that can be purchased, these will in line with the discussion of the issue of the day, (have to pay wages, lol).

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This site is here to offer information, suggestions, hints and health reports from around the World to help in retaining and/or regaining your health and fitness levels.


To your health, wellness, a long and vitally happy life,

Lawrence S Mills & the Marvellous Team

From “GrowingGracefullyOlder.com”.